"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Climate Commission Fearmongering!

The World's Greatest Treasurer yesterday announced budget cuts for a lot of areas but there was one obvious bunch of incompetents he missed!
The Australian Climate Commission says that death rates from heat waves COULD (the magic scammers word) rise to 8000 or more per year an increase of 2000 or so from 1990 figures. 
When Melbourne endured three days with temperatures above 43 degrees in 2009, 980 people died - 374 more than the average number - and in the 2004 Brisbane heatwave, the average rate of death rose 23 per cent.

Heatwaves have always happened and these bald statistics do not detail the morbidity of those who died and how many would die anyway . If there was an increase in temperature which does not seem likely at the moment then deaths from cold would decrease tenfold compared to heat-related deaths.No figures are quoted for improvements in cold death rates but it is interesting to note that this improvement is in the very populous states whereas heat deaths are greatest in the least populous. Also omitted is the deaths related to unaffordable electricity to keep pensioners cool - these can be attributed to global warming policy!

From the British Medical Journal  a paper investigating effects of heat and cold on mortality.
:All regions showed more annual cold related mortality than heat related mortality. Some of those who died in the heat may not have lived long if a heat wave had not occurred. Mortality often falls below baseline for several days after the end of a heat wave, and this has been interpreted as indicating that some of the people dying during the heat wave were already close to death. 
Odd that the Climate Commission article did not see fit mention this.

 More research in the USA contradicts the ACC propaganda:
In an impressive study recently published in The Review of Economics and Statistics, for example, Deschenes and Moretti (2009) analyze the relationship between weather and mortality, based on “data that include the universe of deaths in the United States over the period 1972-1988,” wherein they “match each death to weather conditions on the day of death and in the county of occurrence,” which “high-frequency data and the fine geographical detail,” as they write, allow them “to estimate with precision the effect of cold and hot temperature shocks on mortality, as well as the dynamics of such effects,” most notably, the existence or non-existence of a “harvesting effect,” whereby the temperature-induced deaths either are or are not subsequently followed by a drop in the normal death rate, which could either fully or partially compensate for the prior extreme temperature-induced deaths.

So what did they find?
The two researchers say their results “point to widely different impacts of cold and hot temperatures on mortality.” In the later case, they discovered that “hot temperature shocks are indeed associated with a large and immediate spike in mortality in the days of the heat wave,” but that “almost all of this excess mortality is explained by near-term displacement,” so that “in the weeks that follow a heat wave, we find a marked decline in mortality hazard, which completely offsets the increase during the days of the heat wave,” such that “there is virtually no lasting impact of heat waves on mortality [italics added].”
In the case of cold temperature days, they also found “an immediate spike in mortality in the days of the cold wave,” but they report that “there is no offsetting decline in the weeks that follow,” so that “the cumulative effect of one day of extreme cold temperature during a thirty-day window is an increase in daily mortality by as much as 10% [italics added].” In addition, they say that “this impact of cold weather on mortality is significantly larger for females than for males,” but that “for both genders, the effect is mostly attributable to increased mortality due to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.”
In further discussing their findings, Deschenes and Moretti state that “the aggregate magnitude of the impact of extreme cold on mortality in the United States is large,” noting that it “roughly corresponds to 0.8% of average annual deaths in the United States during the sample period.” And they estimate that “the average person who died because of cold temperature exposure lost in excess of ten years of potential life [italics added],” whereas the average person who died because of hot temperature exposure likely lost no more than a few days or weeks of life. Hence, it is clear that climate-alarmist concerns about temperature-related deaths are wildly misplaced, and that halting global warming – if it could ever be done – would lead to more thermal-related deaths, because continued warming, which is predicted to be greatest in earth’s coldest regions, would lead to fewer such fatalities.
A move to warmer climates can actually increase  life-span , a vital point also missed by the Climate Commission !
 Interestingly, the two scientists report that many people in the United States have actually taken advantage of these evident facts by moving “from cold northeastern states to warm southwestern states.” Based on their findings, for example, they calculate that “each year 4,600 deaths are delayed by the changing exposure to cold temperature due to mobility,” and that “3% to 7% of the gains in longevity experienced by the U.S. population over the past three decades are due to the secular movement toward warmer states in the West and the South, away from the colder states in the North.”
It’s really a no-brainer. An episode of extreme cold can shave an entire decade off one’s life, while an episode of extreme warmth typically hastens death by no more than a few weeks. If you love life, therefore, you may want to reconsider the so-called “morality” of the world’s climate-alarmist’s perverse prescription for planetary health.
Of course the final part of the article to alert reader's BS detectors is the endorsement by failed Climate Prophet Tim Flannery.
''What we have found, doing our job and travelling around Australia to talk to a wide range of people, was that the public knowledge about health risks was actually very low, compared to knowledge about some other areas of climate change.''

 It is obvious from the rubbish in this release that most of the people with very low knowledge of the health risks work at the Climate Commission!


  1. One thing's for sure - the media are happily lapping up and regurgitating all the hysterical "The Sky Is Falling" propaganda coming out of Durban (in between massages and visits to the beach).

    Our very own ABC which is just as impartial about climate science as its English sister the BBC (ho ho) is really pumping it out today.

    Joseph Goebbels would have been proud to see that the public brainwashing techniques he helped to develop are still working perfectly 66 years after his death.

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