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Monday, November 14, 2011

US/Asia get great aspirations , Australia gets a great big tax!

Gillard and Emerson Smile after Apec leaders make fools of them!
Gillard comes away from the APEC empty-handed on climate change with the leaders agreeing with vague motherhood aspirations for carbon reductions and a minute 5% reduction on "environmental goods" such as bird-mincers and other similarly valuable green-approved products. Basically the US/Asian leaders are cleverly going to do nothing on carbon but are happy to let Gillard skewer the Aussie economy with her great big tax!

LEADERS of Asia Pacific nations including Australia have agreed to cut trade tariffs to 5 per cent or less on environmental goods that contribute to the growth of "green" industries.

The measure was announced today in an agreed declaration by 21 nations attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation group meeting in Hawaii.
A declaration issued at the conclusion of APEC said that leaders would take "concrete steps" to achieve green growth.
The declaration says that APEC nations including the world's three biggest economies - the US, China and Japan - will also set a target of reducing their aggregate energy intensity by 45 per cent by 2035.
Over the next 12 months before their next meeting in Russia, the group's members will work towards identifying a list of environmental goods that contribute to green growth and sustainable development.

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