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Monday, December 12, 2011

Aussies to give Billions to Third World dictators via Green Slush Fund

If direct financing is used Australia's share of the 100 billion dollar slush fund to be set up by the United Nohoper's organisation is between 2 to 3 billion dollars and the majority of the proposed  recipients of our largesse are not democracies in any sense of the word. Aussie taxpayers will be incensed at this misuse of public funds.

The legal architecture of a $100 billion-a-year Green Climate Fund will also be established to finance climate change adaptation for developing countries.
Ultimately, financing the GCF will become the negotiating chip for rich countries to buy off support from poorer ones.
Where the GCF's money is coming from remains unclear.
If financing is direct, Australia's contribution is expected to be between $2bn and $3bn a year.
Australia is unlikely to have to pay this because we will chuck the buggers out before then!


  1. Seeing as we are viewed as a 'wealthy nation' the $2bn - $3bn donated to the GCF should be little to no impost! However Rudd told us recently that the Labor plan was to double overseas aid in the next 5 years! And so it goes on! Spend, spend, spend - it is the Labor motto. On the home scene with Australians split by the "two speed economy" we increasingly have those with dollars to spend and those on struggle street (or worse). Labor has a history of running up debt which a conservative government then has to spend years clawing back. This unfettered spending by Labor ends up on the shoulders of all Australians and vastly reduces the true progress of this country. It is futile to fight Labor but the sooner we get a change of Government the easier it will become for all Australians in the future!

  2. Tommo
    The biggest problem is that programs initiated by Labor in the good times are ongoing in the bad. It is a bit like leasing a Mercedes car this year because you are having a good year - how do you pay for it next year when times get tough. Add to that the huge solar panel debt and the carbon tax it is a triple whammy- stupid,stupid and stupid!
    Future generations will pick up the tab for decades .