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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Clash of green rip-off schemes - A battle of morons!

The penny drops ! The Gillard government is moving to cut down the immensely stupid "rip-off-your-neighbour" solar panel feed-in schemes , not because of the soaring power costs to non-panel owners (most of us), but because it is interfering with her own federal "green rip-off" scheme. No sympathy is given to the electricity consumer who can but watch and wonder at this battle between morons ,because being screwed by a federal or a state body feels pretty much the same.

THE Gillard government will demand the states curb expensive feed-in tariffs that pay households to generate electricity from roof-top solar panels, and review other green schemes that threaten to make the carbon market less efficient.
The Australian can reveal that today's draft energy white paper will commit the government to working with the states to try to harmonise the feed-in tariffs so that they do not impose an "unjustifiable burden" on electricity consumers.
The government is concerned that the feed-in tariffs are cross-subsidised through increased energy costs for those who cannot afford to install solar PV panels and that they are putting pressure on the federal small-scale renewable energy scheme, estimated to cost consumers $4.7 billion by mid-2020.
The commonwealth will use the white paper - to be released by Resources Minister Martin Ferguson this morning - to push for a new agreement from all Australian governments for a review of more than 200 existing emissions-reductions policies that are often inconsistent and already cost more than Julia Gillard's proposed carbon tax.

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