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Friday, December 2, 2011

Cowardly attacks on Canada

The Canadian Government is showing large cojones in standing up to the attacks in Durban by the Climate ignorati. Canada is now being made a whipping boy while the 40% emitters  China and the US are doing nothing ,because  it is easier to make poor old Canada a target and scapegoat than to offend the large nations. .  Good on you Canada!

There’s a reason Canada is always disproportionately attacked at the United Nations’ annual gabfests on global warming — the latest version now underway in Durban, South Africa.
It’s that most of the 190 countries which attend, along with the global environmental movement, don’t want to call out the U.S. and China, the two key players on which any post-Kyoto agreement to lower global greenhouse gas emissions depends.
China and the U.S. are the respective leaders of the developing and developed worlds, they are responsible for a combined 40% of global emissions, they are the world’s number one and number two emitters and neither has to reduce emissions by a single tonne under Kyoto.
And yet Canada, responsible for 2% of emissions — including the oilsands at one-10th of 1% — routinely gets hysterically bashed at these never-ending UN confabs.
So what’s really going on?
First, diplomats from other countries are afraid of offending the two biggest economies in the world because of the potential diplomatic and economic fallout on other issues, so they use Canada as a whipping boy for the U.S. Environmentalists — who constantly engage in juvenile and asinine attacks on Canada at these conferences — do so because they don’t want to take on U.S. President Barack Obama.
They see him as a kindred spirit and their best hope for drafting a successor agreement to Kyoto.
Environmentalists won’t attack China because the green movement has deep roots in anti-Western, anti-capitalist, anti-development and anti-growth ideologies, and they see China as the last best hope for their discredited ideas. Indeed, many “environmentalists,” particularly in Europe, are Marxists, who were put out of business when the Soviet Union collapsed and communism was discredited in the early 1990s.
They transformed themselves into anti-global warming crusaders just as the Soviet Union was falling apart and the global warming movement was gathering steam.

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  1. Sorry, but must disagree on one point: US emissions Have dropped:


    Even if it has somewhat to do with oh!bummer!'s working to wreck the economy.

    It was also my understanding that India had already matched / passed the US...?