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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Desperation Science as World Cools!

Global warming is not slowing down say researchers but is just being masked by all that snow, El Ninos, sun's brightness, volcanoes ,the kitchen sink and anything else that comes to mind. In fact anything rather than admit that the wheels have come off the global warming scam ! Lucia's graph shows the problem the warmist's have with their predictions (black) going north and the temperature going south.

Researchers have added further clarity to the global climate trend, proving that global warming is showing no signs of slowing down and that further increases are to be expected in the next few decades.

They revealed the true global warming trend by bringing together and analysing the five leading global temperature data sets, covering the period from 1979 to 2010, and factoring out three of the main factors that account for short-term fluctuations in global temperature: El NiƱo, volcanic eruptions and variations in the Sun's brightness.
Of course in true Orwellian fashion the previous view that the sun had nothing to with the warming in the nineties has been airbrushed from the warmist songbook. From the New Scientist in 2007 answering claims that the sun was causing global warming:

The 2007 IPCC report halved the maximum likely influence of solar forcing on warming over the past 250 years from 40% to 20%. This was based on a reanalysis of the likely changes in solar forcing since the 17th century.
But even if solar forcing in the past was more important than this estimate suggests, as some scientists think, there is no correlation between solar activity and the strong warming during the past 40 years. Claims that this is the case have not stood up to scrutiny (pdf document).
Direct measurements of solar output since 1978 show a steady rise and fall over the 11-year sunspot cycle, but no upwards or downward trend .
Similarly, there is no trend in direct measurements of the Sun's ultraviolet output and in cosmic rays. So for the period for which we have direct, reliable records, the Earth has warmed dramatically even though there has been no corresponding rise in any kind of solar activity.
So we have no correlation between solar activity and strong warming in 2007 morphing to the new view that solar changes are causing cooling and masking the AGW signal. Of course both theories are "settled science" and should not be questioned by the ignorant masses.


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  2. How about: the weather systems of Planet Earth are far too complex for anyone to properly understand, let alone model in a computer. The "experts" are just guessing and hoping that their dire predictions of impending doom are true so as to keep their government-funded gravy train from jumping off the tracks?