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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Mouse that Roared!

Greg Combet is puffing himself up and threatening to withdraw from the next round of Kyoto playing tough like the big boys on the block which is ridiculous because unlike the others our Government  has already assumed the position for the warmists with the carbon tax and really has nothing left to withdraw -the damage has already been done. Australia no longer has a dog in this particular fight thanks to Gillard and crew caving in to the Greens.

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has threatened Australia will not be part of the next round of the Kyoto Protocol unless it is part of a wider agreement covering major polluters.
Addressing the global climate change talks in Durban, Mr Combet said a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol may only cover 15 per cent of global emissions.
"A more comprehensive agreement is fundamental for environmental effectiveness," Mr Combet told the conference.
"Australia's position remains unchanged - we will be part of a second commitment period only if it is a part of a wider agreement covering all major emitters."
The Kyoto agreement, which sets lower emission targets for participating countries, appears in trouble, with both the United States and China refusing to pledge support.
China wants to be considered a developing country with lower obligations, and the US wants all countries to be treated equally.


  1. If 100% of the CO2 was removed from the atmosphere tomorrow, all plant growth would completely cease and humanity would immediately starve to death.

    No-one ever mentions this basic fact. All we ever hear from the loony greens is that this trace gas which we all exhale and is fundamental to life on Earth "is a pollutant".

  2. It goes to illustrate what a bunch of fools we have 'running' the country. What's Combet going to do? Have a 'hissy-fit' and throw his toys out of the sandpit. Idiots, they have NOTHING to bargain with. Australia leading the world? No, we'll forever be following because we're no more than an amusing little island community to them.

  3. Combet is totally ignorant and an idiot, and history will see him as such. From the SMH website at http://tinyurl.com/ble7t6o:

    Mr Combet said ... that Prof Plimer's suggestion that children were being fed global warming activism was "nonsense".

    "Why would 194 countries be making the commitments they've entered into over the last week in Durban if Prof Plimer's views are to be seen as credible by the international community," he told ABC TV.

    "They aren't."