"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Really Tough New Year's Resolutions for Climate Scientists!

  1. I will admit that warming has been much slower than we expected
  2. I will admit that recent sea level rise is nothing unusual or threatening
  3. I will admit that our forecasts of declining snow cover were wrong
  4. I will admit that Arctic temperatures are cyclical, and that we have no idea what will happen to Arctic ice over the next 50 years
  5. I will admit that our forecasts of Antarctic warming have been a total failure.
  6. I will admit that Polar Bear populations are not threatened
  7. I will admit that climate models have demonstrated no skill, and are nothing more than research projects
  8.  I will admit there was a Medieval Warm Period
  9. I will admit that that there was a Little Ice Age
  10. I will stop pretending that we don’t have climate records prior to 1970
  11. I will admit that the surface temperature record has been manipulated and is contaminated by UHI
  12. I will stop making up data where none exists
  13. I will honestly face skeptics in open debate.
  14. I will quit trying to stop skeptics from being published
  15. I will admit that glaciers have been disappearing for hundreds or thousands of years
  16. I will stop telling people that the climate is getting more extreme, without producing any evidence
  17. I will admit that hurricanes are on the decline
  18. I will admit that severe tornadoes are on the decline
  19. I will admit that droughts were much worse in the past
  20. I will admit that efforts to shut down power plants have potentially very serious consequences for the future
  21. I will pay for my own tickets to tropical climate boondoggles  like Cancun, rather than improperly using taxpayer money for political activism
  22. I will admit that there is no missing heat
  23. I will admit that temperatures have been cooling for at least the last decade
  24. I will publish the raw data and not lose it.


  1. 25.I will admit that tree rings only mean I cut the lumber in the wrong direction
    26. I will admit one good thing each day that happens with warmer temperatures
    27. I will only go to climate conferences if held in cold places and during the winter
    28. I will say I'm sorry for telling you to sell your skis
    29. I will call for a new Mann Act making it illegal for climastrologers to f*&^k us
    30. I will admit ten new things every day that we don't know about climate
    31. I swear I will never be quoted as "scientists say"
    32. I will tell the sun I'm sorry for dismissing it
    33. I will admit that CO2 is not killing the ocean
    34. I promise the only thing I will splice is a fishing line
    35. I promise never to use smoothed data as input to other analyses
    36. I will tell Hansen and the team they are full of s$#%
    37. I will admit icebergs result from growing glaciers
    38. I will step down from my government academic position as an act of pennance
    39. I will admit models are not evidence
    40. I will say I'm sorry for the Chevy volt

  2. 41. I will stop insulting scientifically-minded people who ask for clear evidence supporting our alarmist claims by calling them "deniers".
    42. I will admit that carbon dioxide is to plant life what oxygen is to humans and that without it there would be no life on this planet, and stop calling it "pollution".

  3. 43.l will personally compensate property owners in coastal areas for the drop in property valuations they have experienced as a result of my false predictions of coastal inundation.
    44. I will personally accept responsibility for the financial losses suffered by the millions of business people adversely impacted by my many and varied false warnings and predictions.
    45. I will immediately admit liability if ever a class action is brought against me by the millions of people who have inevitably suffered serious emotional stress and harm as a result of my false predictions and I will agree to pay them whatever damages the Court might award them.
    46. I will personally reimburse all taxes and cost increases in utilities charges wrongly imposed on a trusting, but gullible public in the name Climate Change and publicly apologise for the wrong I have done them in the name of science.

  4. You state right at the outset that "Climate Common Sense is not a sceptical site" and then immediately launch into a Gish Gallop of the same tired and ridiculous cherry-oicked denier-porn drivel that has been debunked a thousand times already.

  5. What is truly pathetic Anonymous (31/12) is that you cannot put your name to such a vitriolic attack! Are you on the list of those paid by the Australian Government to dismiss your so called "Gish Gallop". Take your hood off and tell us who you are!

  6. As Tommo has correctly pointed out, 'Anonymous' does not possess the intestinal fortitude to openly present his views. Instead, lacking factual support, he has anonymously couched them in the extravagant, childish and insulting language that has now become a standard feature of the desperate proponents of Climate Change.

    Of course, given that like the people of Jericho, these people are now seeing their entire world collapsing around them, this is not so difficult to understand.

    Perhaps they should be pitied, but this is so difficult to accept when in the face of so much such compelling evidence clearly contrary to the main thrust of their arguments, they cannot find it within themselves to simply say...

    'We are sorry. Nothing we have predicted has yet come to pass and with every passing day it is fast becoming clear that the likelihood of this happening is zip. In short, we now realize we were wrong.'

    Please understand 'Anonymous' that making this much needed admission would be very therapeutic and release you from all of the angst and frustration you are obviously experiencing right now, all of which is clearly making you mean, angry and very unhappy.

    Of course, you are learning a valuable lesson. Attempting to defend the indefensible is the ultimate act in futility.

  7. I have no need to say more than my trusty friends:)

  8. Needless to say, I agree with Tommo, TeeJay and Baron.

    Happy New Year to everyone who still knows what true science is about. :)

  9. I, too, shall remain anonymous, but that is only because no-one should know what the leader of the free world gets up to in his spare time...

    The other Anon (31 Dec 06:06) shows the reaction that is common on "warmist" sites (apologies for the labelling, but it does make it easier); some can be quite vitriolic in their responses to my questions, as many of my questions question their staunchly-held beliefs.

    I am not a "denialist" nor am I a "warmist", but I am a sceptic. It is a field that has been hijacked by politics for the benefit of some seriously dubious characters. It is important to keep your mind open, and investigate every avenue of thought, even if most do prove to be cul-de-sacs. Oh, yes - and every conclusion reached has to be treated with healthy scepticism. That is my own perception of science.

    Oh, and a belate Happy New Year to all and sundry.


  10. True scientists welcome other opinions on their hypotheses; that's how real science has always gotten to the fundamental facts. Religious fanatics angrily attack and denigrate anyone who doesn't or can't understand their beliefs. 'Nuff said.

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