"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Threatening a PM is now OK in Australia !

No arrests have been made from the disgraceful riot which sent PM Julia Gillard fleeing in the arms of her security squad losing a shoe in the process. Few countries in the world would allow their leader to be treated in such a manner but it seems that it is OK in Australia where police are reluctant to be seen as politically incorrect in arresting indigenous demonstrators and supporters from the eye-sore called the "tent embassy" in Canberra in front of the beautiful old Parliament House.

Juliar - no briefs for 24 Hours.

PM extracted from angry protesters
Julia Gillard claims that she was not briefed for 24 hours of a disaster in her own press office where a staffer was forced to resign after admitting  he stirred up a race riot from which Gillard and Abbott were rescued by Federal police . It is inconceivable that Gillard would not have been contacted immediately because of the impending political fall-out from the event. With Gillard's historical aversion to telling the truth her account is as probable as the tooth fairy story.

Gillard says she only learnt of Tony Hodges' actions on Friday afternoon - a day after Hodges told his superiors, communications director John McTernan and chief press secretary Sean Kelly. This seems extraordinary.
The reason being suggested for the time it took for the information to reach her is that there were all sorts of rumours swirling around on who said what to whom, which had to be fully investigated.
But one crucial piece of information was established. Hodges had confessed; trouble over his behaviour either was looming or soon could be, and the boss needed to be warned ASAP.
One good result from the Australia Day fiasco is that racist changes to our constitution are now unlikely to go ahead given public reaction to  scenes like that below.
  Flag burning

Monday, January 30, 2012

Spain the first to scrap renewable subsidies

Economic reality has struck home in Spain where the power system borrowings have reached a staggering 24 billion euros last year. With a budget deficit of 8% of GDP Spain has to act quickly and is scrapping renewable subsidies for new projects although existing subsidies are untouched and will remain a continuing  financial black hole for the government. Spain has gone from the poster-boy of renewable power to a bankrupt country staving off creditors in a very short time largely because of  resources wasted on foolish green projects. It is now the face of the future for countries with similar green-addled politicians squandering their country's wealth on a mirage. Spain is only the first domino to fall with many more to come.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Global Warming fuels Sex Trade!

The latest salvo in the global-warming-causes-everything propaganda war maintains that global warming is causing an increase in the sex trade in Cambodia .Drawing a very long bow ,  Green Answers says that a minute change in temperature is causing increasing depravity and human trafficking in this Asian country. Projected water shortages are going to cause women to walk further and be more liable to kidnapping and con artists says one of the puerile arguments put forward in this green nonsense.

Gillard bereft of ideas!

Julia Gillard has cynically called a meeting of Labor's backbench ostensibly to come up with some new ideas for her struggling government. This will have the dual purpose of placating restive backbenchers by giving them something to do and trying to give the illusion of motion to voters using the medium of butchers paper and felt pens, ironically used in  kindergartens for expression of ideas . I wonder if the best ones are going up on Julia's refrigerator. Of course the best idea for Australia would be to scrap the awful carbon tax which will not happen.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gillard's Ministry of Truth acts!

Following our earlier article the original embarrassing Report 117 on Australia's future oil energy scenarios now no longer exists in any  Government website and has been replaced with an unrelated report .  The report has been erased and dropped down a Ministry of Truth "memory hole" by this Orwellian-style government.  Piers Akerman has the story:

Friday, January 20, 2012

Gillard Government buries "inconvenient" oil supply report.

It is a sign of the incredible mess Labor is making of the nation's energy supplies that it has had to hide a well-researched report on Australia's future transport energy requirements. Fortunately they were as incompetent in hiding the document as everything else they do  and the report popped up on a French site - don't you love the internet!
The report says that Australia's self sufficiency in liquid fuels is over and we have limited strategic supplies to cope with a global oil crisis. Australia could easily be completely sufficient if some of our enormous coal reserves were diverted to coal-oil production which has long been advocated by this writer. This would be impossible with the present government which is preoccupied with destroying the cheap energy supply which is one of Australia's main sustainable competitive advantages.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Obama sabotages US again!

Obama does it again , rejecting a fuel pipeline which would create thousands of jobs and reduce US dependence on fuel from hostile countries. Whoever Obama works for it is definitely not the United States as he continues a program of sabotaging the country's energy supplies. There is no need for terrorists to put a bomb under this energy lifeline for the US as the president has much more effectively done the same with a stroke of the pen. With huge debts created under the auspices of fighting the effects of the GFC and the money borrowed frittered away on useless and non-productive projects a financially-strapped America cannot afford another 4 years of being white-anted from the very top . This short-sighted Obama decision has given the GOP a potent weapon against the president in the 2012 election.

House Republicans have called Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to testify as early as next week on the Obama administration’s decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline.
Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton formally sent a request to Clinton to come and testify at a hearing as early as next Wednesday, the day after President Barack Obama gives his State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More tax-payer paid tripe on projected Global Warming deaths from"scientists"

A devastating new paper along the typical "we are all gunna die" theme has been published stating that a temperature rise of 2 degrees C will cause a loss of 381 years of life per year by 2050 - not 380 or 382 but 381 giving the impression of great accuracy. Of course using "years of life" inflates the figures rather than simply stating numbers of heat related fatalities as the figures quoted could be equated to 5 babies or 20 middle aged people. It is patently obvious to any moderately intelligent person that across Australia a modest increase in temperature would result in less overall fatalies as   people are more susceptible to cold than heat and that should have been the headline instead of the alarmist rubbish printed. Of course we have had an enormous increase in air-conditioning installed in the last decade and it can be assumed that that trend will continue which will also reduce heat stress. People move from the south to retire in Queensland where the average temperatures are 6 degrees warmer than Sydney and according to these turkeys this will be a death sentence for a number of them. Never mind they will get a grant to publish more malarkey on the perils of Warming.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Solyandra the tip of the iceberg.

Solyandra the US "clean energy" company which recently went belly-up with half a billion dollars of taxpayer funds is just one of a lengthening list of similar companies in trouble. CBS says at least eleven other tax-payer assisted companies are either bankrupt or in trouble. With Australia about to put 10 billion dollars in a green energy fund I hope that Gillard and her cronies learn from the US experience although their recent performance would indicate that will not happen.

Friday, January 13, 2012

They never give up!

As the world cools the Ministry of Climate Truth is working overtime using  Orwellian principles to brainwash the public. In Orwell's 1984 brainwashing was used to convince the populace that conflicting statements were true.
Any rational person would think that the type of propaganda depicted in 1984 would never work with an modern intelligent society but the warmists have achieved much by cloaking their nonsense in scientific mumbo- jumbo and asking the public to believe it as it is "science".
We are being asked to believe that amongst other things that:
  1. Falling temperatures are rising
  2. Falling sea levels are rising
  3. Global warming is causing drought/flood
  4. Global warming is causing increased snow
Trying to rationalise that increasing snow is being caused by global warming is the last gasp of the AGW scammers as the recent planet warming cycle disappears before their eyes. Of course this research paper liberally uses those magic climatologist weasel words "could , may and might" and the confirmation bias is obvious but we have come to expect no more from "climate scientists".

Canberra Climate Palace

While taxpayers are struggling to maintain a decent living standard our climate bureaucrats parasites are getting ready to move into luxury offices in Canberra, paying 25% over the going rate so they can say it is "sustainable" . While the public is urged to recycle,conserve and re-use to save the environment these onanists are splurging on luxury accomodation for their new Climate Propaganda Centre. Over 20 million dollars is being spent on fit-out to make sure these free-loaders have all the comforts they could wish for.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Canada shows the way!

It is music to Aussie ears to hear a politician get up and say that his country will not pay billions of dollars to the international carbon thieves because his duty is to protect the national interest. Canada has already withdrawn from the Kyoto protocol and now Joe Oliver the Canadian Minister of Natural Resources, has in an open letter  lambasted those who have used every means to delay vital development in Canada. The nation that has built a  major railway in 4 years is now taking 9 years to just get planning approvals for a pipeline. Perhaps Canada should include bureaucrats in their annual hunting season !

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Only in Obamaland

Obama has been likened to the Manchurian Candidate who was programmed by a foreign government to inflict damage to the US from within the highest levels of government. When you see the damage Obama has wrought in a few years turning the greatest power in the world to a debt-ridden shadow of it's former self  it is not hard to see the analogy to the fictional character. He definitely does not appear to be working in the interests of the United States and it's citizens
The latest Obama idiocy is fining oil companies millions of dollars because they are not using cellulosic ethanol in their blends ignoring the fact that the ethanol is not available commercially . 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Warmist scientists don't pass the acid test!

With global warming turning into global cooling, global sea ice above average, and hurricane numbers dwindling it is difficult for alarmists to do their job and alarm us. However all is not lost and we have Team Acid to scare the bejeezus out of us with stories of seas dominated by jellyfish as the acid ocean dissolves poor little crustaceans.
After cruising the south seas at taxpayer's expense on the good ship Lollypop scientists have stated that now acidification is the new go-to alarmist buzz-word and it is the "evil twin of climate change" .

Surprise! Kiwi tide data contradicts wild IPCC sea level claims.

Fundamental to the IPCC scary scenarios is that huge sea level rises are going to swamp coastal areas around the world. However research in New Zealand shows sea level changing at 1.7 mm per year as it has done for 2 centuries with no acceleration as claimed by the climate doomsters. As usual the IPCC is found out when their predictions are compared to real world data. Similar findings have been made in Australia and the US.

Coral Reef Scare Debunked.

The hysterical predictions of the warmists of the damage to be caused to coral reefs by CO2 induced pH changes are being exploded by real scientific data. It seems that the pH varies wildly on the reefs and the changes are much greater than any CO2 change and the reefs are coping fine, showing that they are quite robust. Corals transplanted to more acidic environments actually grow faster giving the lie to the propaganda of the AGW doomsters.

Carbon Scrubbers - Grant-seeking publicity?

The amount of publicity given to an experiment magnified as a  "breakthrough" which managed to capture a small amount of carbon dioxide shows how desperate the global warming supporters are for news and funding .This approach seems to be more of a crackpot idea than "conventional" carbon capture and storage if that were really possible but I am sure it will attract a pile of dollars that could have been directed towards practical research on something useful to humanity.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Same block of ice - new forlorn occupant!

You would be forgiven if you think you have seen this picture before but however the last time a polar bear was sitting on the ice .
A harp seal pup.

The National Geographic is flogging the heart-rending stories of baby seals drowning or being crushed by  melting ice- obviously the result of global warming. How the pups survived the 1920's or in the 1800's when arctic ice was at historically low levels was not explained. The researchers are amazing and could divine that by just counting stranded seals that "almost none" survived the 2010 summer . They must be using statistics above and beyond what ordinary non-climate scientists have available to them or maybe a dartboard.
 Harp seal pups are taking a hit due to global warming, according to the first study of its kind.
Ice-busting storms and warmer waters fueled by rising temperatures are diminishing the ice cover that harp seals need to survive during their first vulnerable weeks of life.
Without thick, solid ice expanses, seal babies drown or are crushed by broken-up chunks of ice.
The journalist concerned should be reprimanded for not fitting  the regulation"spewing carbon dioxide" into his article! Meanwhile watch the block of ice for the next stomach-turning picture and  story spewed out by the National Geographic .

China plays warmist nations for the gullible fools they are!

In announcing a possible minute carbon tax of $1.55 per ton the world's largest emitter China has signalled to our gullible politicians that they are going to do something in the future and that we should all carry on committing economic harikiri over global warming. By setting the tax at one fourteenth of Australia's ridiculous $23.00 they have covered their bases so even if forced to implement it it will have negligible effect on their own economy.

CHINA is planning a carbon tax on big energy consumers by 2015 in a development that has been seized on by the Gillard government as further evidence the rest of the world is acting to cut global greenhouse emissions.
But the mooted starting carbon price of $1.55 (10 yuan) from the world's biggest carbon-emitting economy has reignited business concern that Australia's $23-a-tonne starting price from July 1 is too high and will damage business competitiveness.
State-run Chinese media reported that proposals for a new environmental taxation system had already been submitted for review to the Ministry of Finance and were expected to be implemented before the end of the 2011-15 five-year plan.
Meanwhile China remains the major supplier of hardware for the warming scam such as wind-generators and solar panels and has a vested interest in the West continuing with ruinous Global warming policies which the Chinese are too smart to foist on their own economy!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Shocking Ads for Children Banned!

The Advertising Standards Bureau has banned ice-cream ads specifically aimed at children showing the degree of control the nanny-state now exerts over our daily lives. It is horrible to think of the damage a naked ice-block will do to young minds .
These kids appear to like paddle pops.

The advertising watchdog has determined that ice cream ads are clearly aimed at kids and should be banned.
Over the past several years the Advertising Standards Bureau has slowly but surely managed to get its house in order, largely getting it right when ruling on ads both sexist and offensive.
But this week’s decision to ban an ad for the iconic Australia ice cream, Streets Paddle Pops, has handed a victory to the hand wringers terrified that allowing children knowledge of the existence of ice cream will unleash another wave of obesity in an already overweight nation.
The Bureau  said the ads did not offer healthy lifestyle advice and there was no depiction of sporting activity.
Good God, it’s an ad for ice cream!
The company even noted that it was clear it was advertising that people only have a single serve of the things.
Next week the ASB will ban Santa Claus because of his unhealthy promotion of toys. The Easter bunny can’t be too far from its sights.
I mean seriously. Has the ASB become so timid in the face of the food whingers that it can no longer make a stand for common sense?