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Friday, January 13, 2012

Canberra Climate Palace

While taxpayers are struggling to maintain a decent living standard our climate bureaucrats parasites are getting ready to move into luxury offices in Canberra, paying 25% over the going rate so they can say it is "sustainable" . While the public is urged to recycle,conserve and re-use to save the environment these onanists are splurging on luxury accomodation for their new Climate Propaganda Centre. Over 20 million dollars is being spent on fit-out to make sure these free-loaders have all the comforts they could wish for.

nishi building

THE Department of Climate Change's new six-star energy rated building is 25 per cent more expensive than other Canberra accommodation - with a yearly rent of $6.4 million.
Rent for the "Nishi" building was revealed to parliament, with bureaucrats due to move into the new lakeside green office space at the end of the year. The rent works out at $500/sq m, plus $3500 each for 60 car spaces, and is dramatically higher than other A-grade office buildings outside the Canberra CBD which typically cost just over $400/sq m.
The department asked for $20.5 million to fit out the space, claiming its current accommodation in Constitution Ave was old and of "poor quality, dysfunctional and incapable of economical refurbishment to contemporary standards.


  1. Why should this surprise anyone Public Dependants don't live in the real world.Do you know why Canberra was put so far away from anywhere?because when the s--t rises to the surface it still stinks.

  2. Has the Green Gillard Government ever shown any sense when it comes to paying out OUR money?

  3. Perfect description of Prime Minister Brown, underling Gillard and the rest of those Labor fools:


    (1) A person who engages in the same behaviors he condemns others for.

    (2) A person who professes certain ideals, but fails to live up to them.

    (3) A person who holds other people to higher standards than he holds himself.

    'The only reliable product of an organized religion is a flock of hypocrites who feel that only *their* hypocrisy is divinely sanctioned.'

    [From http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=hypocrite]