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Saturday, January 7, 2012

China plays warmist nations for the gullible fools they are!

In announcing a possible minute carbon tax of $1.55 per ton the world's largest emitter China has signalled to our gullible politicians that they are going to do something in the future and that we should all carry on committing economic harikiri over global warming. By setting the tax at one fourteenth of Australia's ridiculous $23.00 they have covered their bases so even if forced to implement it it will have negligible effect on their own economy.

CHINA is planning a carbon tax on big energy consumers by 2015 in a development that has been seized on by the Gillard government as further evidence the rest of the world is acting to cut global greenhouse emissions.
But the mooted starting carbon price of $1.55 (10 yuan) from the world's biggest carbon-emitting economy has reignited business concern that Australia's $23-a-tonne starting price from July 1 is too high and will damage business competitiveness.
State-run Chinese media reported that proposals for a new environmental taxation system had already been submitted for review to the Ministry of Finance and were expected to be implemented before the end of the 2011-15 five-year plan.
Meanwhile China remains the major supplier of hardware for the warming scam such as wind-generators and solar panels and has a vested interest in the West continuing with ruinous Global warming policies which the Chinese are too smart to foist on their own economy!

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