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Friday, January 20, 2012

Gillard Government buries "inconvenient" oil supply report.

It is a sign of the incredible mess Labor is making of the nation's energy supplies that it has had to hide a well-researched report on Australia's future transport energy requirements. Fortunately they were as incompetent in hiding the document as everything else they do  and the report popped up on a French site - don't you love the internet!
The report says that Australia's self sufficiency in liquid fuels is over and we have limited strategic supplies to cope with a global oil crisis. Australia could easily be completely sufficient if some of our enormous coal reserves were diverted to coal-oil production which has long been advocated by this writer. This would be impossible with the present government which is preoccupied with destroying the cheap energy supply which is one of Australia's main sustainable competitive advantages.

This is a matter of serious national security concern but the Gillard Labor-Green-Independent minority government is so conflicted with its stance on global warming and the hated carbon dioxide tax that it cannot bring itself to address the crisis.
Instead, it has tried to hide the evidence.
Unfortunately for them, a Frenchman named Jean-Marc Jancovici has foiled their plans and put the document on the web. It is called Report 117: Transport Energy Futures -- Long Term Oil Supply Trends and Projections.
The report was prepared for the Minister for Infrastructure Anthony Albanese by Dr David Gargett of the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE).
BITRE provides economic analysis, research and statistics on infrastructure, transport and regional development issues to inform both Australian government policy development and wider community understanding.
But in this instance, Albanese and the Gillard government don't want the community to understand what is going on and have removed the report from government websites -- despite the fact that the report actually invites comments.
The report has been all but erased because it points out that our self-sufficiency in liquid fuels is over.
We are not even meeting our international requirement under the International Energy Agency agreement to maintain a strategic petroleum reserve equal to 90 days of prior year's net oil imports -- the purpose of which is to provide economic and national security during an energy crisis.
At current prices, it would cost the nation about $300 million just to buy that amount of fuel. Storage would be extra.
Federal Liberal MP Craig Kelly, who represents Hughes in NSW, is justifiably alarmed by the government's attempts to hide the truth. Yesterday he said the report gave an ominous warning about supplies of conventional liquid fuel, and the risk to those supplied, which present a real danger to our nation's economic prosperity.
"This is a real problem that we will have to face in years to come. So rather than face up to the problem and look at how we can try and minimise the risks -- if the report doesn't exist, the government can pretend they 'didn't know' therefore they can avoid responsibility, or public discussion," he said.
"Second, at the moment we are highly exposed to the risk of a global oil shock, but we in Australia have the ability to insulate ourselves by the development of coal liquefaction plants (coal to liquid oils technology).
"This is not pie in the sky. Germany used coal liquefaction during WWII to ensure oil supplies, the South Africans have used it for decades (brought on by sanctions), and the Chinese have opened a big plant as China, like Australia, has plenty of coal, but limited oil.
"Australia, with our abundant supplies of coal, is one of the few countries today where coal liquefaction makes economic sense.
"This is our national economic advantage, of which we must take advantage if we are doing to maintain our economic prosperity."
But the Gillard government has also embarked on the destruction of Australia's natural advantage with its introduction of the carbon dioxide tax from July 1.
Kelly argues that the international oil price makes coal-to-liquid-fuel technology viable and says there is substantially less polluting particulate matter in liquid fuel produced by such technology.


  1. This is just typical of politics today,especially the present Greens\Labor dictatorship.They aren't interested in making things better for any of us but only it seems to push us back into the dark ages where the rich had everything and the rest became poorer amd poorer.The Greens don't even practice what they preach and swan around the country in so called dirty cars and travel the world on so called dirty planes.There is a saying,"whats good for the goose is also good for the gander",also,"what goes around comes around".The 2013 elections are getting closer and closer when we will be able to end a very,very bad time in Australia's history.I hope we all have the sense to do jusr that.