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Monday, January 23, 2012

Gillard's Ministry of Truth acts!

Following our earlier article the original embarrassing Report 117 on Australia's future oil energy scenarios now no longer exists in any  Government website and has been replaced with an unrelated report .  The report has been erased and dropped down a Ministry of Truth "memory hole" by this Orwellian-style government.  Piers Akerman has the story:

THE federal government moved quickly to cover up its removal of a critical missing report on energy resources after The Daily Telegraph revealed its absence from the official record on Friday.
The file, Report 117: Transport Energy Futures - Long Term Oil Supply Trends And Projections, points out that Australia is running out of fossil fuels, that it is not self-sufficient and that alternate sources such as bio-fuels do not really offer any solution to the self-imposed burden of the government's carbon tax.
In its foreword it states: "Coping with the supply reductions will be compounded by the fact that shrinking oil supply will interact with measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to address climate change.
"While there are opportunities for joint solutions, there will also be conflicting demands.
"For example, two of the more obvious sources of alternative motive energy are coal-to-liquids and gas-to-liquids. Both of these would involve increased emissions."
In effect, Report 117 kills the Gillard government's claims to be cleaner and greener and undermines the rationale behind the carbon tax, due to take effect from July.
Since it was revealed Report 117 cannot be found on any government website, another "Report 117" has been posted by the Department of Infrastructure and it deals with aircraft movements.
The real Report 117 exists - it was apparently sent to European bodies concerned with the fuel issue - on a private French website and can be accessed through a link on Piers Akerman's blog.


  1. It appears that the report on Piers Akerman's blog is missing or the link was invalid, however the report is still available at the french site here: http://www.manicore.com/fichiers/Australian_Govt_Oil_supply_trends.pdf