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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Juliar - no briefs for 24 Hours.

PM extracted from angry protesters
Julia Gillard claims that she was not briefed for 24 hours of a disaster in her own press office where a staffer was forced to resign after admitting  he stirred up a race riot from which Gillard and Abbott were rescued by Federal police . It is inconceivable that Gillard would not have been contacted immediately because of the impending political fall-out from the event. With Gillard's historical aversion to telling the truth her account is as probable as the tooth fairy story.

Gillard says she only learnt of Tony Hodges' actions on Friday afternoon - a day after Hodges told his superiors, communications director John McTernan and chief press secretary Sean Kelly. This seems extraordinary.
The reason being suggested for the time it took for the information to reach her is that there were all sorts of rumours swirling around on who said what to whom, which had to be fully investigated.
But one crucial piece of information was established. Hodges had confessed; trouble over his behaviour either was looming or soon could be, and the boss needed to be warned ASAP.
One good result from the Australia Day fiasco is that racist changes to our constitution are now unlikely to go ahead given public reaction to  scenes like that below.
  Flag burning