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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Same block of ice - new forlorn occupant!

You would be forgiven if you think you have seen this picture before but however the last time a polar bear was sitting on the ice .
A harp seal pup.

The National Geographic is flogging the heart-rending stories of baby seals drowning or being crushed by  melting ice- obviously the result of global warming. How the pups survived the 1920's or in the 1800's when arctic ice was at historically low levels was not explained. The researchers are amazing and could divine that by just counting stranded seals that "almost none" survived the 2010 summer . They must be using statistics above and beyond what ordinary non-climate scientists have available to them or maybe a dartboard.
 Harp seal pups are taking a hit due to global warming, according to the first study of its kind.
Ice-busting storms and warmer waters fueled by rising temperatures are diminishing the ice cover that harp seals need to survive during their first vulnerable weeks of life.
Without thick, solid ice expanses, seal babies drown or are crushed by broken-up chunks of ice.
The journalist concerned should be reprimanded for not fitting  the regulation"spewing carbon dioxide" into his article! Meanwhile watch the block of ice for the next stomach-turning picture and  story spewed out by the National Geographic .

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