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Friday, January 6, 2012

Shocking Ads for Children Banned!

The Advertising Standards Bureau has banned ice-cream ads specifically aimed at children showing the degree of control the nanny-state now exerts over our daily lives. It is horrible to think of the damage a naked ice-block will do to young minds .
These kids appear to like paddle pops.

The advertising watchdog has determined that ice cream ads are clearly aimed at kids and should be banned.
Over the past several years the Advertising Standards Bureau has slowly but surely managed to get its house in order, largely getting it right when ruling on ads both sexist and offensive.
But this week’s decision to ban an ad for the iconic Australia ice cream, Streets Paddle Pops, has handed a victory to the hand wringers terrified that allowing children knowledge of the existence of ice cream will unleash another wave of obesity in an already overweight nation.
The Bureau  said the ads did not offer healthy lifestyle advice and there was no depiction of sporting activity.
Good God, it’s an ad for ice cream!
The company even noted that it was clear it was advertising that people only have a single serve of the things.
Next week the ASB will ban Santa Claus because of his unhealthy promotion of toys. The Easter bunny can’t be too far from its sights.
I mean seriously. Has the ASB become so timid in the face of the food whingers that it can no longer make a stand for common sense?


  1. Just wait until they ban the addition of Carbon Dioxide to soft drinks and prohibit beer because this horrible evil pollutant gas causes Global Warming.

    The whole idiotic Nanny State thing is really getting that detached from reality.

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