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Monday, February 13, 2012

Carbon Tax the killer for Gillard's economic credentials!

Julia Gillard , with the Labor party way behind in the polls has recently attempted to shift the focus to economic management . The latest Newspoll is a body blow to Labor with Abbott convincingly preferred to Gillard as an economic manager. Dennis Shanahan says that Gillard lost all economic credibility with the introduction of the carbon tax.

THE Gillard government has lost all the political advantage of successfully steering Australia through the global financial crisis and is now picking a fight on the economy with Tony Abbott after losing the argument.
It is clear the argument on economic management was lost when Julia Gillard announced there would be a carbon tax from July 1 this year.
What's more, the "world's greatest Treasurer", a legend overseas for Australia's economic strength, is on par - and a low par at that - with his Coalition counterpart, "Sloppy Joe" Hockey.
The Prime Minister and Treasurer - the leader and deputy leader of the government - are no longer the voters' preferred economic managers.
At a time when Gillard, Swan and cabinet ministers such as Mark Arbib, Greg Combet, Bill Shorten and Craig Emerson are accusing Abbott of economic destruction, chaos and negativity - and attacking Hockey and opposition finance spokesman Andrew Robb for ineptitude and economic ignorance - voters appear to have turned their backs on Labor as economic managers.
Meanwhile Queensland's Premier-in-Waiting Campbell Newman says he will "fight to the death-knell against the carbon tax if elected" and join NSW and Victoria in the battle against Canberra.
CAMPBELL Newman says he would "fight to the deathknell" against the carbon tax if elected as Queensland Premier.
The Liberal National Party leader said he would band together with Liberal-led states NSW and Victoria if elected at the March 24 poll to oppose the incoming tax through an unspecified action.
He would not rule out a legal challenge with the other states against the federal government, saying people would have to "wait and see".
"We'll be fighting it very, very strongly," Mr Newman said.
"There are things potentially that we can do down the track but I'm not showing my hand there.
"We will be implacably opposed to this carbon tax.
"We certainly share a common view that this is a bad tax for all those state and Australia."
Mr Newman this morning said he would attempt to change government "mindset" to reduce unnecessary compliance, saying he would scrap an environmental assessment form for house sellers.

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