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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cubby's grubby journalism slimes Professor Carter twice!

Fairfax newspapers are losing money hand over fist but when there was a whiff of change after right-wing billionaire Gina Rinehardt bought into the company SMH journalists went ballistic, bleating that she would exercise some editorial control over the left-wing rag  as if somehow that were bad. Someone needs to do something to resurrect the media chain because   the reason people are not buying the paper is because it prints so much crap! One of the major contributors of bovine excreta masquerading as news in Fairfax  papers is environmental reporter Ben Cubby who unsurprisingly is a true believer in the Global Warming hoax. His story is of the "when did you stop beating your wife" variety which is very difficult for Bob Carter , a fine academic, to refute. 

Scientist accepts 'cash for climate'

A PROMINENT Australian scientist has rejected as offensive any suggestion he is doing the bidding of a US climate-sceptic think tank that is paying him a monthly fee.

Confidential documents leaked from inside The Heartland Institute, a wealthy think tank based in Chicago and Washington, detail strategy and funding for an array of activities designed to spread doubt about climate change science, paid for by companies that have a financial interest in continuing to release greenhouse gases without government interference.

The think tank has now issued a statement saying the strategy and budget documents had been stolen, and claiming one of them was faked.

In case someone missed the first slime Cubby goes in for a second attack

Scientist denies he is mouthpiece of US climate-sceptic think tank

This again has Professor Carter denying he is a "mouthpiece" for a US think-tank as  a headline for the article.
Bob Carter is a  very intelligent man and has had his own recorded opinions on climate hoax for many years. 
It is a travesty that he has to get finance from the US , albeit paltry, when the failed forecaster Flannery is paid $180,000 of taxpayer's money to peddle false predictions around the country. Few of the intellectual midgets of the left-wing press would dare to meet Bob Carter in open debate and prefer to snipe at him from the safety of a newspaper column. 

Wiki: Figuratively and with negative connotations to indicate the role of a spokesperson or mass media venue that is used to perpetuate the views or agenda of another, as in "the newspaper became a mouthpiece for its owner's political views."

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