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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Global Warming to cause drought/ flood in the UK

Yossarian from Catch 22 was a hypochondriac who worked his way through all major health threats but only worried about one disease each day to keep his sanity. I suppose Yossarian types in the UK listening to the Warmists would have to worry about drought and flood on alternate days for the same reason.
The gormless Guardian says citizens are going to suffer from baking-hot days and floods. It does not say that the poor will mainly suffer because they can't afford electricity for air-conditioning due to the stupid green power schemes promoted by the paper!

The idea of climate injustice is more familiar in the context of the African subsistence farmer whose livelihood is trodden down by the polluting effects of heavy western consumption. But the long list of damages thatclimate change threatens to wreak on the UK shows climate injustice exists from the poor flood-prone neighbourhoods by the Humber to the concrete jungles of London, set to become ovens on baking-hot days.

The government's exhaustive report shows that, unless preventative action is taken, we can expect a tenfold increase in the devasting impacts of flooding, while searing heatwaves will lead to deaths. But the report does not examine who will bear the brunt of this.
From the Huffington Post we have reports on the current drought in England which of course is caused by Climate Change.

The effects of climate change are expected to worsen the drought situation in Britain as the temperature rises and rainfall decreases further.

Unless climate change causes a flood in the meantime !

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  1. Well, the local government should prepare while it still can. They should hire an army of drain cleaners to clear out any blockages and have contractors upgrade the plumbing.