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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Right-wing journalists named as "deniers" in geography textbook!

It is a sad day when the global warming scam is being taught in our schools to impressionable children but it is sadder still when it attacks and names those who oppose it. A NSW Grade 8 geography textbook pushes the alarmist line while rubbishing sceptics ,claiming that Big Oil is trying to discredit the work of "scientists".
Andrew Bolt who has the story is named in the textbook!

A textbook on how to brainwash children on global warming. From this book for Year 8 NSW students we learn the only “shock jocks” and a few journalists - no real scientists, of course - disagree with the “overwhelming scientific evidence” that the world is warming because of man’s gases. These deniers include, well, you know who. Some deniers seem to be in the pay of “many large fossil fuel-based industries” who have “tried to discredit the work of scientists”. “Fortunately”, though “a new generation of world leaders” is “taking global warming seriously” - Barack Obama, Al Gore and Kevin Rudd.
And on and on:
This is not education, but propaganda. It is pure melodrama, short on facts and long on fancy.
Few “deniers” - an offensive term meant to evoke Holocaust denial - dispute that man’s emissions have a tendency to warm the planet. That is not where the main debate is at.
The dispute is about the extent of any warming, the danger of it, the likelihood of it being overwhelmed by natural influences, the true sensitivity of the climate to our gases, and the cost-benefit of trying to “stop” the warming we’ve seen - which actually halted 15 years ago.
These “deniers” include many reputable scientists, including some of the world’s leading climate scientists. To suggest they’ve been bribed to say what they do is a vile smear. If money does corrupt debate, it should be noted that the vast bulk of money goes to the alarmists.
As for those leaders who “fortunately” take “global warming seriously”, Obama is not doing anything seriously about it and Rudd was dumped after backing off his own plans.
There’s much more to say about this sludge. What is depressing is that it is taught as fact in our schools.

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  1. This is not evoking Holocaust denial, idiot. It is using the word "denial" because people are denying the problem of climate change to protect their economic interests (e.g. fossil fuel industry and related industries) and/or to protect their ideological view of corporate control and "free enterprise" as the end-state of human progress. Not that facts matter much to you, but the fact is that climate change is well documented and supported by the vast majority of the world's scientists:

    The decades of organized effort to deny the existence of anthropogenic climate change and stall meaningful response to the threats has also been well documented. Those efforts have obviously been quite successful, because we are now facing serious problems in the years ahead. If you care at all about future generations, you should pull your head out of the sand and face reality.