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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shark attacks caused by global warming or maybe cooling?

Massive Great White Shark Jaws Snap At Fish
Another entry for the "global Warming causes everything " list but this is more dopey than most suggesting that sharks suddenly reacted to a change in temperature from 2010 to 2011 and doubled fatal attacks. However this drivel was picked up by AFP and splashed around the world as fact.
Global Sea Temperature Anomaly

The "scientist" involved neglected to tell us that in 2011 the ocean temperature was dropping rapidly as shown by the Hadcrut figures and an alternative theory could be that the attacks are caused by "global cooling" but that would not suit the Warmist propaganda machine.

Sharks killed twice as many swimmers and surfers last year than in 2010, with the increase due largely to a growth in tourism and changing shark patterns due to global warming.

There were 12 deaths in 46 shark attacks in 2011, a mortality rate of more than 25 percent compared to an average of under seven percent in the last 10 years, according to statistics from the University of Florida.
Countries that recorded shark attack deaths included Australia with three fatal out of a total of 11 attacks; South Africa, two fatal out of five; the French island of Reunion, two deaths in four attacks; and Seychelles with two attacks both of which ended in death.


  1. Global warming has little to do with it. The main reason here is that more people are going into the water, which alone increases the chances of an attack. There's nothing much to do since it's their domain. All we can really fall back on is enough surf training to keep us as safe as possible.

  2. That's one scary prospect. If this is true and at the rate things are going, I won't be going diving on my birthday cruises soon enough.

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