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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Australian growth hit 30 billion dollars by Carbon Tax

Australia's decision to go it alone with a fixed $23 per tonne carbon tax will cost the country $30 billion if overseas prices stay at around $10 as predicted according to economic modelling. With falling global temperatures this tax equates to economic self-mutilation with all pain and no gain. The same modelling says that the Coalition alternative policy will not achieve it's aims either.

AUSTRALIA faces a $30 billion hit to growth by 2018 if domestic carbon prices remain higher than the European price, according to new economic modelling that will add to business pressure to bring the $23 starting price closer to Europe's $10.
The modelling, by the Centre for International Economics consultancy, warns that keeping the $23 fixed price regime and the floor price of $15 a tonne - key elements of the current package - will have almost twice the impact on economic growth by 2018 as allowing the Australian price to track international prices.
A higher price in Australia than in comparable international markets could also cost the mining industry a cumulative $4bn and durable manufacturers $1.5bn over six years, the CIE modelling predicts. 

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  1. It is very shocking and should be addressed by the government and the power department alongside their agencies. The rates for dehumidifier australia that generates energy taxes is also alarming.