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Monday, March 5, 2012

Climate change increases number of economic morons in Canberra!

Pensioners on the breadline and people on the surgery wait-list for years will be delighted in some of the projects funded by the 300 million tax-payer dollars being doled out by the Australian Research Council. Studying the role of emotion and morality in climate change (scam) messages obviously trumps assisting old people with outrageous electricity bills. Researching how non-existent global warming is affecting the size of birds and is more important than a knee replacement operation to remove chronic pain. While Labor is borrowing 100 million dollars every week it is good to see only economically vital projects like  "William Blake in the Twentieth Century" and 16th century Florentine economics are getting taxpayer grants. As global warming causes everything I would like to suggest  a research project into how climate change is increasing the number of Labor economic morons in Canberra

MILLIONS of dollars in government research funding is being ploughed into studies of emotion in climate change messages, ancient economic life in Italy and the history of the moon.
Studies of sleeping snails and determining if Australian birds are getting smaller because of climate change have also been allocated funding in the latest round of grants totalling $300 million by the Australian Research Council.
A study of "an ignored credit instrument in Florentine economic, social and religious life from 1570 to 1790" secured $578,792 for a researcher from the University of Western Australia.
The council insists the study was approved because it had modern day relevance to the global financial crisis as it shows how Florence in ancient times recovered from an economic downturn and because no one had studied that element of history before.
Another project titled "Sending and responding to messages about climate change: the role of emotion and morality" by a Queensland university secured $197,302. The council said it was an important psychology project.
The study to determine if birds are shrinking was awarded $314,000 and another of sleeping snails to determine "factors that aid life extension" was given $145,000. Studying the early history of the moon will cost taxpayers $210,000 and another study looking at "William Blake in the 21st century" comes with a $636,904 bill.
"At a time when every available dollar could be put to backing innovation and research and development to make us more competitive, we have seen a growth in support for some real eyebrow-raising activities," opposition finance spokesman Andrew Robb said.
"Australian Research Council criteria has been extended beyond the scientific, the innovative and the practical to include some real airy-fairy stuff.
"Which means less money for more worthwhile research."


  1. I've created a nice Hockeyschtick graph of my own. It clearly shows that the mass of hot air coming from the Labor Loons will cease at about 9PM on 30 November 2013 when we the Aussie public will finally get our democratic chance to be rid of them.

  2. I know it's hard to hear but CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL and we're the ones who are stuffing up the world. It's easy to just push it to the back of your mind and stick your head in the sand, but just because humans are the most powerful animals on the planet doesn't mean we can do whatever we want with our world. Oh, and I saw that you have NO QUALIFICATIONS in this area whatsoever.

    1. I notice you are comfortable enough to criticize the author of this blog under the pseudonym 'Anonymous', but unlike him, you are not brave enough to put your name to your comments.

      Of course, all of us non-believers will now be fully convinced 'Global Warming' is real, just because you say so without adding any evidence and without stating your own qualifications. Give us a break! In short, your comments amount to nothing more than a waste of space and energy.

      On the topic of qualifications, fortunately, it is not necessary (or possible) to obtain a certificate, diploma, or degree in 'Common Sense' so please take off your blinkers, get your head out of the sand and start reading and listening to the truly credible evidence, not the cooked up stuff generated by AGW toadies who are only interested in protecting their jobs and the endless stream of grants money flowing into their coffers. For a start, try reading the recent information provided on this site about the Scientists and Astronauts from NASA who are demanding NASA changes its stance. Are their qualifications acceptable to you?

  3. Yes, blah blah blah Labor. Blah blah blah climate change is bunkem. Blah blah, money better spent here.

    Yes, well we might guess that we're hearing from someone whose sometime research grant application was rejected. But how about it - anthropogenic climate variation is evident in the past in the MWP, which can be discovered through study. Sun spots had an effect on wheat prices in the middle ages in Britain too. All strange, but all useful. Don't worry though. Although these topics were embraced OS, don't worry: no-one in this country has been known to benefit from similar such studies anyway - the smart people usually just go overseas. I wonder why?

    So, anyway - how about this for an idea: perhaps volunteering some excellent *rejected* ideas might start some true lobbying outrage - rather than just bitching like an old nag.