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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Global Warming causes spread of deadly spider in the US

A Brown Recluse spider biting a student in Texas has triggered the usual cries from the everything-bad-is-caused-by-global-warming crowd predicting that the spider "may" move northwards even to New York. The fact that the girl was bitten in a geographical location identified as a habitat in a 1940 map has not stopped alarmist promotion of this non-story.
US Brown Recluse habitat (1940)
The Brown Recluse spider is known as the most deadly spider in North America, and due to global warming its population is spreading to a town near you.
But nothing can demonstrate the danger of the notorious Loxosceles reclusa than the story of Texas Christian University student Nikki Perez, who was bitten by one such spider in September 2011 - with horrendous results
The article is rounded off with a "researcher" being consulted for an expert opinion using the alarmist words "fear, could, and possible" omitting the usual "may and might" for a change

Experts fear that spider bites like these could be on the rise, as the Brown Recluse spider continues its population spread.
Kansas University researcher Erin Saupe predicts a possible migration of the Brown Recluse by 2020, predicting that the spiders could move further north toward portions of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and even New York.

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