"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Monday, April 30, 2012

Axe hangs over Julia!

The latest opinion poll has Gillard's hold on the leadership slipping away from her as Kevin Rudd waits in the wings. Continual poor judgement calls combined with the loss of trust of the Australian people has made her replacement a certainty. The latest Galaxy Poll has the Coalition with a 12 point two-party preferred lead and Labor's primary support in the toilet at 30%.
Today’s Galaxy Poll reveals the allegations against Mr Slipper and Mr Thomson, which both deny, have dragged down the Government with 54 per cent of voters saying the PM had shown “poor political judgment”.
Almost six out of 10 voters said they believed Labor was “desperate to cling to power” with only 37 per cent saying it was doing its best to maintain good government in difficult times.
And 52 per cent of voters - including one-in-five Labor supporters - said they wanted the independents to force an early election.
The poll of 1019 people taken at the weekend found Labor’s primary support at 30 per cent and that the Coalition would have had a thumping victory if an election was held now with a two-party vote of 56 to 44.

Even the leftist SMH is calling for her head with Michelle Grattan saying that her "credibility is gone and she should quit.

JULIA Gillard should consider falling on her sword for the good of the Labor Party, because she can no longer present an even slightly credible face at the election. Her spectacular U-turn on everything she'd said before on Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper has left her looking nakedly expedient, and further exposed the state of crisis within the government.
At one point in her news conference Gillard wrung her hands. It was a metaphor for what the caucus is doing. Her claim that suddenly ''a line'' had been crossed, so she had to act to preserve Australians' respect for Parliament, came out as a workshopped confection she could not explain. After months of declaring Thomson had her support, after a week of backing Slipper returning to the Speakership if he was cleared on criminal allegations, she wants us to believe she arrived back from Gallipoli and suddenly realised that the public see a dark cloud over Parliament?


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thrashed with a feather!

With the stench about her government getting worse Julia Gillard has moved to ask Craig Thomson, the Labor member whose union credit card was used to pay  for thousands of dollars for prostitutes , to leave the Labor Party. The honorable member has agreed and will continue as an Independent voting with the Government as before as criminal investigations continue. So what has changed? Nothing! Gillard must think the Australian voters are complete fools if she thinks she has cleaned up the mess! Craig Thomson still receives his full parliamentary pay as usual following this cruel and unusual punishment.

JULIA GILLARD says she is trying to rid parliament of a "dark cloud" by having Craig Thomson quit Labor and asking Peter Slipper to remain stood down as Speaker.
The Prime Minister also moved to protect her embattled government with today's simultaneous announcements, at which she said a “line has been crossed” when it came to maintaining Australians' respect for federal parliament.
Mr Thomson, the embattled backbencher facing allegations of fraud while head of the Health Services Union, will be suspended from the Labor Party but remain in parliament as an independent.
Ms Gillard said she had also asked Peter Slipper, who is facing allegations of fraud and sexual harassment, to remain stood down as Speaker for a "further period of time".
Mr Slipper has already stood down as Speaker over the fraud allegations, but today said in a statement they had been shown to be a fabrication and "there is no longer any reason to step aside

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Real science at work- G-spot found.

After a break of five weeks touring the fleshpots of Europe I arrived home fresh and ready to immerse myself in the pretentious  nonsense  posing as Climate science when I stunned to find that a real scientist had made an enormous breakthrough for mankind ( or womankind) depending on your point of view and had actually physically located the G-spot - a find at the same level as an archaeologist locating Atlantis. I suppose this will not deter amateurs from doing their own investigations and only time will tell whether it is a good or bad thing but the cat is out of the bag  now .
pn news scrollo image g-spot does not exist

THE good news is, scientists have found the G-spot. As in, really found it - a physical specimen.
The bad news is, scientists have found the G-spot. So now it's over to you, husbands and lovers.
It's always been there, apparently. In an admission that could raise a collective told-you-so cry from women left wanting around the world, they were just looking in the wrong spot.
For centuries, women have been reporting engorgement of the upper, anterior part of their hoo-has when giddy with sexual excitement, despite the fact the structure of this phenomenon had not been anatomically determined.
To that end, there's been countless attempts to prove the existence of a G-spot since it first aroused scientists', er, curiosity back in the 1950s, most notably that of one Ernest Gräfenberg after who it was named.
As late as 2010, scientists were still denying the G-spot was real, claiming it was just a figment of a woman's overactive imagination.
Then again, they were British scientists. 
At the same time, a couple of French researchers rebutted the claims, using the not-at-all opportunistic research method of doing ultrasounds on shagging couples to identify "physiological evidence".
Of course, the Italians beat them all to it, claiming in 2008 that there was a link between the ability to achieve orgasm and the thickness of tissue between the vagina and urethra.
But in the end, it took a completely non-sexy method.
You can thank Dr Adam Ostrzenski, of the Institute of Gynaecology in St Petersburg, Florida, who was a keen believer in the existence of a G-spot, but was yet to find physical evidence. Couldn't put his finger on it, you might say.
The determined Dr Ostrzenski noted that no documented nether parts surgery had delved high enough up the fi-fi front wall to find anything significant.
So all Dr Ostrzenski had to do was dissect one layer by layer until something popped up. Which it did - in an 83-year-old corpse - and which he removed for all the world to see.
"The G-spot was identified as a sac with walls that grossly resembled the fibroconnective tissues, was easy to observe, and was a well-delineated structure," he wrote in a report published today in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.
Dr Ostrzenski claims the exercise was important because knowing "the anatomic existence of the G-spot ... may lead to a better understanding and improvement of female sexual function".
Which is good news for women, Dr Ostrzenski believes, because denial of its existence has "led to a monolithic clitoral model of female sexual response".
"However, women have held the unwavering position that there are distinct areas in the anterior vagina which are responsible for a sensation of great sexual pleasure."
Yes, there is a picture of it, but it's not for the faint-hearted or anyone who wants their mojo to fall out and shatter into a thousand tiny pieces on the ground.
We'll link to it here as soon as somebody much, much braver than us publishes it online, but don't say we didn't warn you.
For the rest of you, here's how to find it:
NEWS.com.au's 30-second G-spot primer
So, where is it?
Somewhere between 5cm and 8cm inside the front bottom, but here's the tricky bit - it can be tucked away anywhere between 3-15mm behind the *cough* wall.
What is it?
Sort of a little teardrop-shaped bag. It has a head roughly 3.5mm across, a middle roughly 3mm across and a 1.5mm tail. It also has blue splotches on...
Too much information. How do I switch it on?
Probably not the way you hoped. And definitely not in the missionary position. Let's just leave it at "constant pressure and attention*".

* And dildos.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/technology/sci-tech/scientist-finds-g-spot-then-cuts-it-out-and-dissects-it-for-the-world-to-see/story-fn5fsgyc-1226337993697#ixzz1t4YK8Dt2