"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gillard goes where angels fear to tread!

History says that the 10 billion dollar green boondoggle set up by Gillard to finance uneconomic green energy projects is headed for disaster as "clean" energy company stocks hit an all-time low worldwide as indicated by the Renewable Energy Industrial Index  which has lost 90% of it's value since 2008. The market is littered with bankrupt or near-bankrupt green energy companies and Canberra is planning to add a few more with their demonstrated financial incompetence and ten billion of borrowed cash to spread around.

Stupidity reigns supreme in Massachusetts

Don't worry about the sun - think about the subsidies!
"It is not a matter of how sunny it is" says Michael Bernier of Ernst and Young about the solar boom in Massachusetts, which would rank very low in the US in solar insolation as it is "better known for long, cold winters, gloomy springs, and gale-driven nor’easters". Federal and state subsidies coupled with forcing utilities to buy power at ridiculous rates keeps the accountants happy and allows non-economic  projects to proceed financed from the public trough. Ridiculous as it may seem, gloomy Massachusetts is installing more solar than Florida, Arizona or New Mexico, all states with an abundance of sunshine.

Queensland Health concerned about wind towers

Wind Farm beautification scheme in Scotland

Queensland Health has recommended that wind towers be no closer than 2Km from homes as a precautionary measure against the much-debated "wind turbine syndrome" . An added advantage of this decision will be to reduce eye pollution and remove the unsightly monsters a distance from people's homes.

A "GROWING body of evidence" that wind farm noise could have health effects has prompted Queensland Health to call for caution when approving wind farm developments.
Queensland Health has in effect become the first government health agency to recommend that wind turbines not be built within 2km of homes. In a letter to Tablelands Regional Council, Queensland Health's director of environmental health, David Sellars, recommended a "precautionary approach" be taken to approval of the proposed $500 million Mount Emerald wind farm near Walkamin on the Atherton Tablelands.
The Mount Emerald application is for up to 80 wind turbine towers, nine of which are within 2km of houses.
Tablelands horticulturalist Steve Lavis said he would like a moratorium on wind farm projects until all noise and health issues had been worked out. Reported symptoms of so-called "wind turbine syndrome" include sleep disturbance, high blood pressure, headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, a rapid heart rate and panic attacks.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Clean Energy Corporation could lose 7.5% of capital each year.

With Treasury saying that investments by Gillard's Clean Energy money pit could lose 7.5% of capital each year I am amazed that banks have not been falling over themselves to lend money to these projects. These silly bankers are being shown the way by the much more astute  CEFC which is mandated to return the Government bond rate of 4% from energy projects .These Treasury shiny-bums are going to take projects that savvy investors would not touch with a barge-pole and they are going to guarantee a minimum return to the taxpayer which is probably only possible in the weird alternative universe they live in.These public service financial wizards should have to mortgage their homes to add to the money they dole out so they can feel like real risk-taking businessmen. The really sad thing is that if and when a sane government pulls the plug on all the stupid subsidies to "green energy" these pie-in-the-sky projects will fail and the taxpayer will be left with a 10 billion dollar bill anyway. Whatever happens we are screwed!

THE Clean Energy Finance Corporation could lose up to 7.5 per cent of its capital in unsuccessful projects each year.
Treasury officials have told a parliamentary hearing that under the investment rules for the CEFC it had factored in a "conservative" failure rate of 7.5 per cent.
However the CEFC is mandated to return close to the government bond rate of 4 per cent.
The CEFC will receive $10 billion to invest in clean energy projects under the government's carbon pricing scheme.
Treasury officials said the corporation would help address financing gaps in the current financial environment to help renewable energy projects proceed.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Clueless Academics

This essay by Chiefio (E.M.Smith) is an enlightening critique of modern society and the highly educated people with little real life experience that are running it. Read on:

Friday, May 25, 2012

Carbon Tax biting already.

Labor's carbon tax is starting to bite already with it cited as one of the reasons Norsk is closing it's  Hunter valley smelter and 340 workers are losing their jobs. Aluminium smelting is a very power-hungry process and Australia has historically had very low energy costs - a situation  now changed by the forcible addition of expensive and inefficient "green" energy to the grid . In a struggling economic climate this additional punitive tax will send many struggling businesses to the edge especially non-incorporated small businesses which will receive no help at all and they employ the majority of the Australian workforce. Australia's smelters are competing poorly with China where energy costs are much lower and labor costs are small.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where is the Big Oil and Big Coal money we keep hearing about.

The Guardian reports that the Heartland Institute is in financial trouble which is surprising since the Guardian has been telling us for years of the river of Big Oil and Big Coal money flowing to denier organisations of which Heartland is one of the most prominent. Far from being awash with "tainted" money Heartland is struggling to keep the few staff they have to fight the good fight against Big Green, the real enemy. Their call for donations should be heeded by all those who wish to fight the global warming scam.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Don't mention the Carbon Tax!

We are  all familiar with Basil Fawlty and the "Don't mention the war" episode of Fawlty Towers. Australia has it's own version called "Don't mention the Carbon tax" with Gillard and her  Fawlty government crew. The verbal contortions of Labor ministers trying to avoid saying the words "Carbon tax " are hilarious and worthy of John Cleese.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Five Trillion Dollar debt and Obama is giving financial advice to Europe??

The most profligate money wasting president ever  is telling Europe to keep spending and put it on the credit card as he has done. Obama is advising Europe to forget about austerity and raise their debt level after he has destroyed the US economy and saddled generations of  Americans with a huge debt. Obama has upped the national debt more in 3 years then the much-maligned George Bush managed in 8 years. Putting it in perspective , Obama has borrowed 5 billion dollars each day of his Presidency and anyone who takes his financial advice would have rocks in the head. You have to feel sorry for Angela Merkel who is one of the few adults at the G8 conference being sandwiched between Hollande and Obama.
Chart - Deficit 2012
Barack Obama greets  Francois Hollande
How about a couple of  verses of the Internationale?
US President Barack Obama has thrown his weight behind French calls for more pro-growth policies in Europe, as G8 leaders huddle at Camp David for a summit darkened by Greece's possible eurozone exit.
Mr Obama set the stage for a fractious meeting of world leaders by forging an alliance with new French President Francois Hollande over the need to jolt Europe back to growth.
Fearing Europe's economic crisis is poised to worsen - with dangerous repercussions for the US economy and perhaps Mr Obama's chances of re-election - Mr Obama weighed in, risking the ire of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has championed an austerity-first approach.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Gillard and Labor doomed says Labor insider.

"Gillard and Labor are doomed "says Graham Richardson former numbers man and senior Labor figure saying that MPs are getting doors slammed in their faces often with "naked hostility". Even following a budget bounce after a cash-splash budget Labor is still ten points behind in the two-party preferred polling. It would be interesting to know what the polls would be if the Libs had a popular leader such as Malcolm Turnbull . Turnbull however is unacceptable to the Coalition because of his warmist views .

ONE good Newspoll a recovery doth not make. While this week's Newspoll survey showed a healthy recovery in the two-party-preferred vote (55 per cent to 45 per cent for the Coalition over Labor represented an eight-point turnaround in two weeks), a three-point lift to 30 per cent in the ALP's primary vote can hardly be celebrated.
In the 1990 election, there was much consternation in Labor circles when the primary vote dipped to 39 per cent. The Democrat and Green preferences heavily favoured Labor, so a victory was narrowly achieved. But Labor is still nine points adrift of that figure and seemingly stuck at historical lows.
There are two reasons I'm pessimistic about the chances of a substantial recovery in Labor's primary vote. First, the message Labor MPs get when they have the courage (and that is sadly what is needed in this climate) to doorknock is much the same as the message I get on the streets.
I have spoken to two Labor MPs who have been doorknocking in the past week. While one was in the inner city and the other regional, the results were the same. Naked hostility is what the MPs faced, door after door slamming in their faces amid the muttering of foul obscenities.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Prophets of doom picking cherries!

Our famous climate seer Flannerius and his wandering crew of fellow prophets have returned from  the wilderness to proclaim that the pestilence of global warming has struck the evil suburbs of Western Sydney while sparing the rest of Sydney . Unconfirmed speculation is that the vision came to them after finding some strange looking mushrooms.Obviously Western Sydney has offended the Carbon Deity to have such preferential punishment meted out to it. Flannerius was in danger of having his prophet's license revoked and his staff confiscated by Empress Gillardius after the tablet with his permanent drought prediction was washed away in the Great Flood. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gillard's "scorched earth policy"

The release of the latest Gillard/Swan budget poses major problems for the Coalition which will oust this incompetent lot at the next election. A series of poison pills starting with the carbon tax and all the giveaways of the latest travesty of a financial budget will leave any future government burdened with these unfunded "gifts" from Labor. It is almost impossible electorally to roll back these changes . As the Aussie economy is currently a one-trick pony riding on the mining boom any change to the mining sector will be disastrous. With the combination of a looming downturn in China coupled with the discovery of huge Chinese coal deposits the future looks bleak for this country if the mining income starts to fall . Labor is currently wanting to increase the nation's credit card limit from 250 billion to 300 billion - a far cry from the billions in surplus it inherited. The effect of the Carbon Tax in killing the non-mining economy is yet to be seen as most of small business will be whacked without any compensation. Oakshot and Windsor, the conservatives who betrayed their conservative electorates to support this destruction of our economy will not be treated favorably by history.

ALP financially supported embattled MP on sleaze allegations to preserve Government

ALP members and unions who have financially supported the ALP will be happy to learn that more of their funds have been going to defend Craig Thompson against allegations he misused up to half a million dollars for prostitutes and other personal use as detailed in the 1100 page Fair Work report. It is time for a royal commission to investigate how union funds are used, not just in the HSU. It is difficult to believe that HSU is the only rotten apple and all the rest are squeaky clean. Corruption has been a problem in unions historically and the HSU debacle should be a wake-up call to Australia. The mega-salaries union officials pay themselves to represent the poorest workers is obscene and should be included in any investigation.
It seems that the assistance given to Thompson has not been declared on his Parliamentary register which is a serious breach.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Budget cuts for defense not climate fat-cats

While the Gillard government is cutting Australia's defense capability having blown billions on pink batts and inflated school halls the climate fat-cats are to get large pay rises with the head to go to $700,000 per year by 2014. In the Climate Change Dept 118 bureaucrats earn over $280,00 per year which has been well-earned as global temperatures have been stabilised for 15 years, global sea ice is above normal and sea level rises have
levelled out. As they have nothing to do now it might be a useful exercise to equip them with cheap sub-standard weaponry and ship the lot off to Afghanistan .

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Threatgate.- More BS exposed!

As we know climate scientists are good at making stuff up and it is not surprising that the Australian Privacy Commissioner has adjudged that eleven email "threats" allegedly received by Australian climate scientists were not life threatening and ten of the eleven documents did not contain threats at all and the eleventh was only "intimidating". An FOI request for the threats which had been publicised around the world had been refused - that refusal has now been overturned on appeal.