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Monday, June 11, 2012

Carbon tax to hit hospitals and schools

The Gillard government is paying out billions to placate angry voters in Labor's heartland but state government institutions such as schools and hospitals are not exempt and have not been compensated. NSW has a potential liability  of $46 million for the tax which the premier says he will recoup from mining royalties which will draw more angst from the federal government. Small business will be hard hit especially the mum-dad non-incorporated types who have no recourse to compensation and employ a large percentage of the workforce. Self-funded retirees who after a lifetime or work and saving to avoid being a cost to the community, will also go uncompensated. All this for a tax which will achieve nothing towards it's purpose of reducing global temperatures and was only introduced to further Gillard's political aims and has been a disaster for her also.

THE average Sydney hospital will be hit with a $120,000 annual carbon bill after the $23-a-tonne tax kicks in on July 1.
Local public schools will also be forced to come up with an extra $9000 a year on their power bills to pay their carbon liability.
Revised analysis from NSW Treasury dated May 4, 2012, reveals that NSW hospitals and schools would have the highest carbon tax liabilities of any government agency.
The new modelling of the carbon tax impact on government services included in tomorrow's state budget reveals NSW Health would have a $106 million carbon cost over the four-year forward estimates - or $27 million a year.
The budget will confirm a cumulative four-year carbon impact of $948 million.
With 220 hospitals across NSW, the average cost to power each hospital will increase by $120,000 a year, according to the budget papers.


  1. Sheer madness!
    Is Gillard masquerading as the Mad Hatter at the Tea Party?

  2. The Labor lemmings know they haven't got a hope in hell of being re-elected so now they're vandalising our great country while they still can... Labor deserves the same fate as the dodo bird.

  3. If you take a look at http://tinyurl.com/ctpyhwd , you can see that we at the International Climate Science Coalition are collecting comments and ratings on the public remarks of Australian PM Julia Gillard about climate change as posted on the Herald Sun Website after her blogging session there 10 days ago. We will be sending the best comments to her office, the opposition and the media, as well as posting a summary of the most useful and interesting comments we get on our Website.

    Problem is, we are getting too few comments to make this project a success. We are only up to 40 now on question #1, for example (about 35 from Australia) and about 80 votes. That leaves only 22,672,236 Australian left to comment as, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics:

    “On 16 July 2012 at 05:45:48 PM (Canberra time), the resident population of Australia is projected to be: 22,672,273.”

    Any ideas how to get significantly more than 1 millionth of your countrymen and women to comment and/or vote?


    Tom Harris
    Executive Director
    International Climate Science Coalition
    Ottawa, Canada

    1. Most voting Australians are saving their angst for a mass comment session at the next election. The Labor Party will be left in tatters.

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