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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Labor to pay farmers to destroy cow manure!

The program is called the Carbon Farming Initiative but it would lend itself to other more descriptive titles. The taxpayer is actually paying farmers to destroy cow manure in another one of the  bizarre schemes that have become commonplace in the Warmist alternative universe .  From the ABC:
 Dairy cows in an enclosure

It is a far cry from traditional farming techniques, but dairy farmers are being encouraged to earn carbon credits from the Federal Government by destroying cow manure.
Under the Carbon Farming Initiative, the Government says dairy producers will be able to earn carbon credits if they capture and destroy methane and other greenhouse gasses emitted by manure.
Farmers who participate in the program will cover manure ponds, then have the choice of burning and destroying the captured gas, or using it to fuel internal combustion engines to produce electricity.
Either way, they will earn carbon credits for preventing the gas from entering the atmosphere.
Pig farmers will also be able to earn credits by reducing emissions from manure.


  1. Sounds like crap but then again it is a political ideal.
    Wonder which department spent time and money dreaming up
    this rubbish obviously people that have never been at the arse end of a cow.

  2. And this idiocy is going to make a measurable difference to Australia's climate?

    This is what happens when loony Greens are in control.