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Monday, June 25, 2012

Sanity finally prevails as solar rebates slashed.

Campbell Newman ,aka Can-Do Newman, the newly elected Premier of Queensland is slashing feed-in tariffs from 44 cents per Kwhr to 8 cents for new installations . In Queensland one third of houses have solar panels getting free or vastly reduced power parasitically at their neighbor's expense . In a brilliant move Newman is honoring current contracts but making them non-transferable on sale or rental of the home.

The benefit earned by Queenslanders who install solar panels and then provide power back to the grid will be slashed from 44¢ per kilowatt hour, to 8¢.
But the Newman government says anyone already in Queensland's Solar Bonus Scheme as of July 9 will continue to receive the 44¢ per kilowatt hour feed-in tariff.
Energy Minister Mark McArdle this afternoon announced changes to the four-year-old Solar Bonus Scheme, saying the changes were needed to ensure every household did not pay too much to help pay for some homes to have cheaper solar power.
He said modelling of the current solar bonus scheme showed it would cost every household $54 a year by 2014/15, costing Queensland about $1.8 billion by 2028 if the bonus scheme remained unchanged at 44¢ per kilowatt hour.
The changes will kick in from July 10 and a review of the scheme will also be launched.
The Liberal National Party's costings document, released before the March election, said the LNP was "committed to retaining the solar feed-in tariff" but the financial blueprint did not elaborate on what rate it would be set at.

It seems the door may be open to vary the current contract rate of 44 cents but that would have to be done early in the electoral cycle!


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  2. We need to move Campbell Newman down to Canberra - refreshingly honest, practical and common-sense...all of which are lacking in the Federal LNP!

  3. The Government trick us all into getting solar energy because it will make our power bills cheaper. Now they are taking that away from us. Why did we all spend such exorbitant amounts of money to install these units when the scheme is basically stripped away.

  4. I'm sure we have all heard the old saying...'If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, so buyer beware!'.

    There are plenty of people out there who have been attempting to expose the myth of cheap power via solar energy, but people like you chose not to listen. As you have now discovered, you incorrectly assumed that because it was a government backed scheme it must be good...you could trust them.

    The power stations must still have the capacity to generate exactly the same amount of power, irrespective of how many take up the solar or wind options, because when the sun don't shine and the wind don't blow, people like you still expect to turn on the switch and have light and power available whenever you want.

    As long as cheaper, more efficient and reliable options like coal, gas and nuclear are freely available alternative energy will remain unaffordable and unfortunately governments around the world are now discovering they too have been hoodwinked by the 'Green Dreamers'.

    By all means have a solar system on your home. That is your free and democratic right, but don't expect other taxpayers to pay for it. And if you still want access to conventional power sources for backup purposes, then you should expect to not only pay for what you use,but also share the cost of the huge infrastructure and ongoing costs associated with having it there at your beck and call.