"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Delingpole on Watts vs Muller

James Delingpole sums up the blow Anthony Watts has dealt to the Muller pre-paper release with his new analysis of temperature records in the US. By using only compliant meters the US region global warming of .309 degrees C per decade claimed by NOAA shrinks to .155 degrees - exactly half !

Have a look at this chart. It tells you pretty much all you need to know about the much-anticipated scoop by Anthony Watts of Watts Up With That?

What it means, in a nutshell, is that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – the US government body in charge of America's temperature record, has systematically exaggerated the extent of late 20th century global warming. In fact, it has doubled it.

Is this a case of deliberate fraud by Warmist scientists hell bent on keeping their funding gravy train rolling? Well, after what we saw in Climategate anything is possible. (I mean it's not like NOAA is run by hard-left eco activists, is it?) But I think more likely it is a case of confirmation bias. The Warmists who comprise the climate scientist establishment spend so much time communicating with other warmists and so little time paying attention to the views of dissenting scientists such as Henrik Svensmark – or Fred Singer or Richard Lindzen or indeed Anthony Watts – that it simply hasn't occurred to them that their temperature records need adjusting downwards not upwards.

What Watts has conclusively demonstrated is that most of the weather stations in the US are so poorly sited that their temperature data is unreliable. Around 90 per cent have had their temperature readings skewed by the Urban Heat Island effect. While he has suspected this for some time what he has been unable to do until his latest, landmark paper (co-authored with Evan Jones of New York, Stephen McIntyre of Toronto, Canada, and Dr. John R. Christy from the Department of Atmospheric Science, University of Alabama, Huntsville) is to put precise figures on the degree of distortion involved.

For the full story go to Watts Up With That NOW!

There is, of course, one very, very sad aspect to this story – and truly it pains me to mention it but journalistic duty compels me to do so – and that's the dampening effect it may have on the grandstanding of ahapless fellow by the name of Professor Richard Muller.

Poor Professor Muller has been telling anyone who'll listen – his amen corner in greeny-lefty MSM, mainly – that as a former "skeptic" he has now been forced by weight of evidence to conclude that global warming is definitely man-made and there has been lots of it (a whole 1.5 degrees C – Wow! that's like almost as much as you'd get if you drove from London to Manchester!!!) since 1750. Tragically – as Watts has very reluctantly and by-no-means-experiencing-any-kind-of-Schadenfreudehad to point out is that the data used by Muller to draw these conclusions was unreliable to the point of utter uselessness.

So, in the spirit of magnanimity in total crushing victory I would urge readers of this blog not to crow too much about the devastating blow Watts's findings will have on the Guardian's battalion of environment correspondents, on the New York Times, on NOAA, on Al Gore, on the Prince of Wales, on the Royal Society, on Professor Muller, or on any of the other rent-seekers, grant-grubbers, eco-loons, crony capitalists, junk scientists, UN apparatchiks, EU technocrats, hideous porcine blobsters, demented squawking parrots, life-free loser trolls, paid CACC-amites and True Believers in the Great Global Warming Religion.

That would be plain wrong.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gillard now history!

The latest Newspoll has the Labor party on 28% nationally , a drop of 3% after billion dollar bribes have been paid to Aussie voters with no effect on the numbers and the faceless men of the party will be forced to act soon.

LABOR'S attempt to decouple itself from the Greens and its continuing shower of cash handouts to middle Australia have failed to lift its popularity, with the latest Newspoll putting the Gillard government's primary vote at 28 per cent - two percentage points off its record low.
Instead of the lift Labor had been hoping for, its support fell below 30 per cent for the first time in three months.
At the same time, voter satisfaction with Tony Abbott is at its worst level on record - 30 per cent - despite the Coalition maintaining a commanding lead of 56 per cent to 44 per cent in two-party-preferred terms.
The Opposition Leader, however, has extended his lead over Julia Gillard as preferred prime minister to four points - 40 per cent to 36 per cent - a one-percentage-point gain on the poll taken a fortnight ago. The Newspoll, conducted exclusively for The Australian last weekend, followed a week of Labor attacks on the Greens over fears the minor party's deal to support the minority Gillard government could damage Labor's long-term prospects by alienating socially conservative Labor voters in suburban and regional electorates.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Washed-up whale warning from stupidocrats!

Youths playing on a washed up rotten whale carcass have been accused of "desecration" and threatened with $32000 fines for approaching within 300 meters of this sacred green icon. This is obviously the province of a "senior biodiversity officer" who pompously said that it is illegal to interfere with a whale "dead or alive".
Horrifying pictures show one youth actually touching the whale's nose as another youth stood astride the whale.
The full force of the law should fall on these heinous criminals and the "senior biodiversity officer" should get a tax-payer funded raise for her diligence. It gives a warm feeling to know my tax dollars go to such a worthy cause. It is incidents like this that makes one realise the silliness of Campbell Newman, the Premier of Queensland , as he is abolishing similar departments in Queensland where there will be nobody in future to protect dead whales from being touched.

UK pensioners will freeze while billions go to combat non-existent problem in Asia!

The UK government is sending billions overseas to combat "climate change" while pensioners at home can't afford skyrocketing power bills caused by stupid government green policy initiatives. While borrowing 5 billion a week this same Government is currently throwing an insanely expensive Olympic party for the rest of the world showing how disconnected Government expenditure has become from reality.
The British government will spend more than US$4.5 billion around the world, especially in Southeast Asia, to support a shift to low carbon society and a green economic policy in a bid to tackle the impact of climate change on the economy and human beings.

"The UK government will sacrifice $4.5 billion to spend on climate change projects around the world in next few years. Some of this money we hope to spend in Southeast Asia and Thailand as well," John Pearson, head of British government’s Southeast Asia Climate Change Network told The Nation in special interview.

It reminds one of the English nobility of old having extravagant functions while being unable to pay the tradesmen, but today, as then, the piper will eventually have to be paid . It seems that no lessons have been learnt from the European financial crisis caused by governments spending money they didn't have.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Carbon Tax working already in Canberra

Reader Peter Richens took this photo on the way to work on Wednesday, at Telopia Park. The tree has turned into icicles. In the photo is Callum Richens.
Tree icicles in Canberra

Julia Gillard must be gratified that after all the pain the carbon tax has caused her, results have been immediate in plunging Canberra's July temperature to it's coldest stretch in nearly 50 years. It is fitting that this should happen in the nation's nerve centre where the marvellous idea for this tax was conceived by our brilliant Government! We may have to ease off though because if it continues cooling at this rate it could cause another ice age.

Canberra has shivered through its eighth straight freezing, frosty morning, the coldest stretch of winter mornings in 47 years.
The mercury dropped to a chilly minus 4.8 degrees at 6.51am this morning, topping off eight consecutive mornings below minus 2.3 degrees.
The eight-day cold spell, with an average minimum temperature of minus 4.9, is the coldest string of July mornings since 1965. The all-time record was in July 1962, when the average temperature over an eight-day period was minus 7.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Stampede to get your rip-off-your-neighbour solar scheme

Today the iniquitous 44 cent solar rebate in Queensland reverts to 8 cents and solar installers are being rushed with orders from people wanting free energy from pensioners and others who can't afford it.Anyone with half a brain will be celebrating the demise of this stupid rebate but Queenslanders will still be paying for it up to 2028. Campbell Newman is to be congratulated for this and for withdrawing from the Solar Dawn boondoggle  Common sense now prevails in the Sunshine State!

THOUSANDS of Queenslanders are scrambling to sign up for solar power before generous incentives end tonight, as the cost of electricity soars.
The solar industry is preparing for "mad Monday" as households rush to apply for solar systems before the State Government's lucrative bonus scheme is wound back.
As cost-of-living pressures escalate, state Cabinet will also today consider new laws to scrap exit fees for households that want to switch electricity providers to save money.
From tomorrow, the benefit earned by Queenslanders who provide power back to the electricity grid will be slashed from 44c per kilowatt hour to 8c as part of State Government cost-cutting moves.
Solar retailers have put on extra staff, extended their hours and ramped up deals, including discounts and interest-free terms, to cash in on the last-minute frenzy, also being fuelled by increases in power bills.
Although existing owners will retain the higher rebate until 2028, anyone who sells their house with solar panels will lose the 44c/kW rebate and new owners will get the lower rate.
Today's rush for rooftop solar systems will help secure months of work for the industry, but the sector's 11,000-strong workforce is soon expected to shrink to less than 6500.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Carbon Sunday the beginning of the end.

Julia Gillard is losing the propaganda battle and is on a slippery slide to the next election. The handouts are seen by voters as bribes and create questions about financial competence when they are funded by debt. A switch to Kevin Rudd is problematical and will see an avalanche of Coalition election ads with him being called a "psychopath " and more by current senior Labor ministers.
Dennis Shanahan has more:

THE Gillard government has lost the first week of the real carbon tax debate and is unlikely to recover ground any time soon, if ever.
In strategic and tactical terms the Labor Party was beginning from behind on July 1 and actually went backwards.
For Julia Gillard the even worse news about the carbon tax emerging during the first week of its formal implementation was that it was not her only problem.
The simultaneous introduction of the carbon tax and the minerals resource rent tax, the removal of the private health insurance rebate and the superannuation changes for higher income earners has masked uncertainty and electoral anger connected to those changes.
It tends to be forgotten that in the first failed GST campaign -- John Hewson's attempt in 1993 to win an election while introducing a new tax -- the Coalition's proposed changes to Medicare played an important role in turning voters away from the Liberals.
Polling after Hewson lost the "unloseable election" showed that a lot of women voters were more concerned about the threat to Medicare than the GST and it was instrumental in many people making up their minds at the last minute.
But there is an even more important additional factor for the Prime Minister apart from the mining tax, private health insurance and superannuation -- and that is time.
From last Sunday the countdown has begun to the time when Gillard can call a "normal" House of Representatives and half-Senate election and Labor now knows it is less than a year.
While the Prime Minister's strategists calmly play down the prospect of any early recovery in the disastrous Labor polling after July 1 during the continuing roll out of billions of dollars in carbon tax compensation for households and industry bailouts, the realistic chances of turning things around diminish by the day.
What's more, Labor MPs who have gone home for the winter break are being confronted with ongoing anger about the carbon tax. They realise when they return to parliament for the spring session they will have an election deadline in sight.
Gillard's supporters have been keen to promote the idea that there is a plenty of time before the election "in the second half of next year" and that, over time, Tony Abbott's exaggerations on the carbon tax will be seen to be hollow and the polls will turn.
At one stage Gillard herself said the election wouldn't be for "500 days" and then had to jokingly correct herself to rule out holding a September election during the football finals.
The general premise of Labor and Gillard -- that the Coalition's exaggerations will be seen to be hollow -- still has time to come to fruition and it is still more likely than not that Gillard will lead Labor to the next election.
But time is her enemy.
Of course, a prime minister can call a House of Representatives election at any time. But this is considered unlikely -- except in the event of a sudden Labor leadership change -- as polling suggests Labor would be wiped off the map in at least two states and be reduced to a parliamentary rump. There is also the consideration of putting the Houses of Parliament out of kilter and the need for a half-Senate election before May, 2014.
If the government gets a double-dissolution trigger in the next session of parliament, which is possible, there is the option of an election for both Houses called by the end of March next year. This is also considered unlikely.
Which means the most likely outcome is a normal house and half-Senate election, which can be called at any time from July 1 next year -- 359 days from today -- and must be held by the end of November. Because of the constitutional requirements, the window available to Gillard for the calling of the election is narrower than usual and falls between July 1 and the last week of October, 2013.
While it is a prime minister's last prerogative to try to squeeze some surprise out of the election date the mood of the Australian electorate is such that there will only be even greater anger directed towards any prime minister who does not call the next election at the earliest opportunity.
Calling an election in July next year for an August date is not only possible -- and falls neatly with the third anniversary of the last election -- but will also be unavoidable. Gillard really won't have a choice.
In any case Abbott, who is most likely to be the Leader of the Opposition at the time, will simply declare the election on and send the Coalition into a campaign.
This all means Labor MPs are now faced with the prospect of an election campaign within a year and of having to make up more electoral ground than any previous Labor government -- in a third of the time available.
A recovery from the levels of Labor's present polling would be miraculous compared to the recovery of the Keating government between 1991 and 1993 and is not analogous to the Howard government's recovery in 2001.
There is no doubt the carbon tax is the fundamental problem for Labor and Gillard. Labor's vote plummeted in the polls along with Gillard's standing and credibility when she announced there would be a carbon tax in breach of her election promise.
There is equally no doubt Labor's selling of the carbon tax has failed dismally. This week it has come down to piling hyperbole on exaggeration and fighting the basic argument of whether people will be worse off financially under the carbon tax. Such a fight is impossible to win, especially when there are millions of voters who are deliberately designed to be worse off so that a price signal is sent on carbon use and when even those getting compensation will not believe it is sufficient as prices continue to rise -- whether as a result of the carbon tax or not.
While Craig Emerson's absurd singing about the carbon tax was a low, his colleagues in general have overplayed the Opposition Leader's exaggerations of the carbon tax impact.
Labor lost the argument on principles some time ago and has been reduced to its own negative campaign on Abbott. Even more disastrously Labor is now considering a fundamental change to the floor price of carbon, which undermines all of its previous arguments and heaps dissembling and propaganda on top of betrayal.
This is the right thing to do in a policy sense and should have been done at the beginning, but it now comes as a backdown, vindicating all of Abbott's arguments.
Gillard has known all of these difficulties all along and offered various unfulfilled hopes of turning the debate and lifting Labor's popularity along the way.
Carbon Sunday, looming as her last hope, now appears to have been even worse than expected and comes with the relentless countdown to an election she cannot avoid and one which Labor MPs fear to the point of panic.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Delusional Gillard compares carbon tax with the Snowy Mountain Scheme!

Julia Gillard ,showing delusions of grandeur, is comparing her pathetic lied-about carbon tax to the monumental feat of engineering which was the Snowy Mountain scheme . The irony of it all is that the Snowy Scheme with it's 16 interconnected dams could never be built by Gillard's visionless bunch of incompetents as Labor has not approved a dam in decades . The good news is that the carbon tax will be thrown out in a year and the Snowy scheme which has had over 60 years of operation will still be going strong.

The Snowy is one of the great nation-building achievements of the twentieth century in Australia.
It’s become an icon of one of our greatest periods of shared national purpose and achievement and surely our most beloved renewable energy project.
But when Chifley was putting the Snowy bills through Parliament, the then Opposition Leader Menzies quibbled and wavered and found excuses to raise questions.
He was too sophisticated a figure for an aggressively negative campaign of the kind we see from the modern Liberal Party – but my conclusion from the record is that had Menzies been Prime Minister by then, he would have proposed a very different Snowy Scheme, if he’d proposed one at all.

Julia Gillard, you are no Ben Chifley and he would turn in his grave to see what you have done to his beloved Labor Party.

Hitler and the singing Trade Minister

It doesn't take long for Hitler to get into the act when political stupidity such as Craig Emerson's painful performance occurs.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dill of the week

As an Aussie I am used to being embarrassed by our politicians but the cringe meter reached a new high when I saw the Trade Minister making a huge joke over the introduction of a tax which will strike at the heart of our economy and at vulnerable people. The minister should go back to his village because they are short one at the moment.
Not content with one abysmal performance he repeated it in Adelaide  and later in Canberra he did an encore .

Monday, July 2, 2012

Carbon Tax Day and Labor slumps to 22% in Queensland

The carbon tax is now in operation and according to the latest Newspoll Labor will not win a seat in Queensland and is in danger of a wipeout Australia -wide if an election is held. A new Nielsen Poll also shows the carbon tax is poison for Labor in the electorate. It may not be true but the electorate will see every price rise as a result of the tax and it will be difficult to convince voters otherwise. As a political figure Julia Gillard was portrayed as an iron lady in the Thatcher mold when the carbon tax was introduced but she is now looking very much like Marie Antoinette riding in a tumbril to her fate.

THE Gillard government has its back against the wall as it implements the carbon price, with the latest poll showing Labor deeply unpopular and support for its policy at its lowest level since it was announced.

The latest Herald/Nielsen poll, taken after last week's bruising but fruitless asylum seeker debate, also shows nine in 10 voters want the parties to compromise to find a policy solution and more voters blame the government than the opposition and the Greens for the deadlock.

As Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott launched de facto election campaigns yesterday to mark the introduction of the carbon tax, the poll found support for the policy had fallen 4 percentage points in a month to 33 per cent, the lowest level since it was announced 15 months ago.

Opposition to the policy rose 3 points to 62 per cent, the highest in 15 months. Despite the billions of dollars in compensation being handed out, about half of voters felt they would be worse off.

The poll of 1400 voters, taken from Thursday night to Saturday night, shows the Coalition would win handsomely if an election were held now, on a two-party-preferred basis by 58 per cent to 42 per cent.

This represents an eight-point swing since the August 2010 election, enough to reduce the ALP to a parliamentary rump.