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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Carbon Tax working already in Canberra

Reader Peter Richens took this photo on the way to work on Wednesday, at Telopia Park. The tree has turned into icicles. In the photo is Callum Richens.
Tree icicles in Canberra

Julia Gillard must be gratified that after all the pain the carbon tax has caused her, results have been immediate in plunging Canberra's July temperature to it's coldest stretch in nearly 50 years. It is fitting that this should happen in the nation's nerve centre where the marvellous idea for this tax was conceived by our brilliant Government! We may have to ease off though because if it continues cooling at this rate it could cause another ice age.

Canberra has shivered through its eighth straight freezing, frosty morning, the coldest stretch of winter mornings in 47 years.
The mercury dropped to a chilly minus 4.8 degrees at 6.51am this morning, topping off eight consecutive mornings below minus 2.3 degrees.
The eight-day cold spell, with an average minimum temperature of minus 4.9, is the coldest string of July mornings since 1965. The all-time record was in July 1962, when the average temperature over an eight-day period was minus 7.


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  1. Now that's what I call an instant response to Juliar's tax! But next time all the overpaid pollies meet down there, the hot air they generate will negate it.