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Monday, July 9, 2012

Stampede to get your rip-off-your-neighbour solar scheme

Today the iniquitous 44 cent solar rebate in Queensland reverts to 8 cents and solar installers are being rushed with orders from people wanting free energy from pensioners and others who can't afford it.Anyone with half a brain will be celebrating the demise of this stupid rebate but Queenslanders will still be paying for it up to 2028. Campbell Newman is to be congratulated for this and for withdrawing from the Solar Dawn boondoggle  Common sense now prevails in the Sunshine State!

THOUSANDS of Queenslanders are scrambling to sign up for solar power before generous incentives end tonight, as the cost of electricity soars.
The solar industry is preparing for "mad Monday" as households rush to apply for solar systems before the State Government's lucrative bonus scheme is wound back.
As cost-of-living pressures escalate, state Cabinet will also today consider new laws to scrap exit fees for households that want to switch electricity providers to save money.
From tomorrow, the benefit earned by Queenslanders who provide power back to the electricity grid will be slashed from 44c per kilowatt hour to 8c as part of State Government cost-cutting moves.
Solar retailers have put on extra staff, extended their hours and ramped up deals, including discounts and interest-free terms, to cash in on the last-minute frenzy, also being fuelled by increases in power bills.
Although existing owners will retain the higher rebate until 2028, anyone who sells their house with solar panels will lose the 44c/kW rebate and new owners will get the lower rate.
Today's rush for rooftop solar systems will help secure months of work for the industry, but the sector's 11,000-strong workforce is soon expected to shrink to less than 6500.

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  1. They were also pro-active in telling us to depend on solar energy for applications like dehumidifiers generation power. In which, the fully charge vulcanic cells can't even run a full hour's worth of the dehumidifier.