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Monday, July 23, 2012

UK pensioners will freeze while billions go to combat non-existent problem in Asia!

The UK government is sending billions overseas to combat "climate change" while pensioners at home can't afford skyrocketing power bills caused by stupid government green policy initiatives. While borrowing 5 billion a week this same Government is currently throwing an insanely expensive Olympic party for the rest of the world showing how disconnected Government expenditure has become from reality.
The British government will spend more than US$4.5 billion around the world, especially in Southeast Asia, to support a shift to low carbon society and a green economic policy in a bid to tackle the impact of climate change on the economy and human beings.

"The UK government will sacrifice $4.5 billion to spend on climate change projects around the world in next few years. Some of this money we hope to spend in Southeast Asia and Thailand as well," John Pearson, head of British government’s Southeast Asia Climate Change Network told The Nation in special interview.

It reminds one of the English nobility of old having extravagant functions while being unable to pay the tradesmen, but today, as then, the piper will eventually have to be paid . It seems that no lessons have been learnt from the European financial crisis caused by governments spending money they didn't have.

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