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Monday, July 23, 2012

Washed-up whale warning from stupidocrats!

Youths playing on a washed up rotten whale carcass have been accused of "desecration" and threatened with $32000 fines for approaching within 300 meters of this sacred green icon. This is obviously the province of a "senior biodiversity officer" who pompously said that it is illegal to interfere with a whale "dead or alive".
Horrifying pictures show one youth actually touching the whale's nose as another youth stood astride the whale.
The full force of the law should fall on these heinous criminals and the "senior biodiversity officer" should get a tax-payer funded raise for her diligence. It gives a warm feeling to know my tax dollars go to such a worthy cause. It is incidents like this that makes one realise the silliness of Campbell Newman, the Premier of Queensland , as he is abolishing similar departments in Queensland where there will be nobody in future to protect dead whales from being touched.

People play with the dead whale.

PEOPLE are being warned to keep away from the dead whale washed up near Warrnambool's Thunder Point after callous photographs appeared on a social networking site.
One posted on Facebook yesterday shows a group of people touching the male humpback as one man stands on top of it in a surfing pose.
A woman also contacted The Standard to complain about other Facebook photos which show people touching the whale’s genitals.
The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) yesterday warned that people who approached, tampered with or took any part of the carcass faced severe penalties of up to $32,000 and prison sentences. Senior biodiversity officer Mandy Watson said under the Wildlife Act, it was illegal to interfere with a whale, whether dead or alive or to take parts from a dead whale.
“It is also an offence to approach within 300 metres,” Ms Watson said.


  1. In a sane society, the emphasis would be on trying to prevent humans from being infected by contact with a gigantic rotting carcass. But this is Australia, the loony greenwashed land where those in government think it's an autocracy. In their tiny minds, the rotting carcass has more rights than humans. Bring on the election so we can be rid of them.

  2. It is no better in the States. Autocrats and Causes du jour seem to go hand in hand, whether the Cause is based on fact or not; a timeless re-occurring theme. Witness the US politician Al Gore, who is a millionaire because he is a prophet of the coming Heat; even as Russia and the US have record *cold* winters and springs.