"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Orwellian Antics at NASA

"And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed-if all records told the same tale-then the lie passed into history and became truth. 'Who controls the past' ran the Party slogan, 'controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.'"
Orwell's 1984 tells the story of Ministry of Truth worker Winston Smith who alters the past records of everything that would conflict with the current policies so there is never a historical contradiction.
Sound familiar? Of course Winston did not have the internet to contend with and if he had he would have done exactly what NASA is doing and prevent records being stored on the net. This will prevent the embarrassment of present fudged data being compared with the past as the US record clearly shows. 

Anthony Watts of WUWT writes 

I wanted to look in the Wayback machine to see what the Figure D graph said earlier this year, like maybe up to June, but to my surprise, GISS apparently prevents that public page from being indexed by the Wayback machine. In fact, they seem to have prevented a lot of content from being indexed and stored since 2005, see the dates:
In fact if you look at this graph of plots
…and then try to go to the GISTEMPS graphs page, you get a lot of this:
I find it troubling that the publicly funded NASA agency GISS would block archiving of such an important global resource. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Australia gets gold medal for solar stupidity !

Australia has the dubious honor of installing the most solar panels in the world last year because of government policies making the poor pay the electricity bills of the better-off. Those with solar panels are paid over ten times the wholesale electricity price and this is recouped from renters and pensioners among others. The figures in future will not be as rosy as both Queensland and NSW have cut rebates savagely and the last year's installation numbers reflect the last minute rush to beat the deadlines.

AUSTRALIANS put more household solar panel systems on their roofs than anyone else in the world last year, new data from the Clean Energy Regulator and the International Energy Agency show.
The statistic astonished many in the solar industry, given Australia's small population compared with renewable energy market leaders such as European Union countries, China, Japan and the United States. About 392,500 new household solar systems were switched on last year.
Australia still generates far less solar electricity than those countries, but the nation's preference for small, individual panels mounted on detached, owner-occupied suburban homes means a greater number of systems were actually installed.


Color it red

No amount of fudging has prevented Hansen's GISS global temperature anomaly from dropping in July to .457 Degrees Centigrade which is what is being portrayed as rampant global warming causing everything from increases in allergies to zoonic diseases whatever they are! Steve Goddard has the latest on Hansen's cheating on Arctic temperatures and you can see from the global map how big an effect the Arctic fiddle with temperatures is having. A significant part of the globe, the Arctic, is shown in red -  a spurious 2 to 4 Deg C anomaly where the Danish Meteorological Institute shows July Arctic temperatures at or below normal for the month.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Green "Investment" Board Appointed

Money_down_the_drain : Golden dollar symbols going down a sink drain
The new board of the 10 billion dollar Clean Energy Finance Corporation has been appointed and has a target of making 4% on green carpet-baggers projects most banks would not touch with a barge pole. The interesting thing is that no renewable energy project could exist without taxpayer handouts and subsidies which are drying up as adults are now in control of most state governments and next year the federal government will fall also. It is hard to see how anyone can make forward projections in this climate.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Low income earners pay 1.8 billion for "free " solar power for wealthy.

1914 Cartoon -Some things never change

The great solar rip-off in Queensland will continue for 16 years as the poorest people in the community will pay extra so their wealthier neighbours can get free energy. Renters,pensioners and those living in low cost units are the worst hit in this failure of public policy where the government has pandered to the environmental lobby and the green carpet-baggers who are pushing these schemes. Although the new Coalition government has capped the rebate to 8 cents from 44 cents the existing contracts run for 16 years.

RENTERS, pensioners and other low-income earners are paying for their wealthier neighbours to enjoy cheaper power under the state's skyrocketing solar subsidy system.
The Queensland Consumers Association says costs to subsidise solar are forecast to triple, as the state's bill to fund the scheme continues to grow.
More than 100,000 applications were received last month from homeowners wanting to profit from the state's generous 44c per kilowatt hour tariff - twice the retail power rate - which will continue for 16 years.
By installing solar systems up to 5kW, the mostly well-heeled applicants stand to earn $200-$300 a quarter from a subsidy that is costing their non-solar neighbours more each year.
Energy Minister Mark McArdle has estimated the tariff would cost $1.8 billion by 2028 if the scheme remained unchanged. The July 9 deadline limiting future payments at an 8c cent rate.
The Government projects that the annual cost of the subsidy will rise from $50 to $100 for each household from the surge in applications, and another $50 for upgrades to the power grid.
Whether the increases will become a reality depends on whether the Government is successful in cutting expenses elsewhere in the budgets of power suppliers, including "community services".
Queensland Consumers Association vice-president Ian Jarratt said the threat of a $100 annual hike should be a concern for many people trying to stretch their income.
"A dollar is always more for a pensioner," he said.
The association said it voiced concerns about the scheme's cost several years ago to state officials. "Things had been done far too quickly and not thought through enough, especially about the cost to consumers who could not afford to install solar systems," Mr Jarratt said

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kiwi sceptics in court.

The discredited NZ temperature record is in court as skeptics mount a legal challenge to the data tampering which has artificially created a warming signal. The NIWA record was vetted by the warmist  Aussie Bureau Of Meteorology but the adjustments must be a little strong even for the BOM as NIWA is refusing to release the report following established Team procedures used by Mann et al.
We wish our Kiwi cousins good luck. John O'Sullivan has the story:
New Zealand skeptics of man-made global warming score historic legal victory as discredited government climate scientists perform U-turn and refuse to allow a third party peer-review report of official temperature adjustments to be shown in court. Skeptic lawyers move for sanctions likely to prove fatal to government’s case.

New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) are reeling after what may prove a fatally embarrassing admission that it is breaking a solemn undertaking given to parliament. NIWA had assured ministers that it would disclose a third party peer-reviewed report of its science for courtroom verification as part of its defense against a petition in the case of NZ Skeptics-v-NIWA.

NIWA’s decision renders an almighty self-inflicted wound to the government agency’s already dire credibility. But worse, the move will be regarded as contempt of court and thus permits the court to grant the plaintiff’s motions for punitive sanctions, including summary judgment. As such, this would bring a swift victory for skeptics with profound legal ramifications around the world. In the sparsely-measured southern hemisphere the New Zealand climate data is critical to claims about a verified global temperature record.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Climate Commission in Wonderland

You would have to wonder what they are smoking when Australia's Climate Commission says that investing in green energy will stave off catastrophic global warming . and we will have an opportunity to tap into an "emerging global market". China is now providing virtually all the green energy technology to Australia and as this current government is presiding over an unprecedented dismantling of manufacturing in this country it is hard to see much "tapping" going on. How much will Australia's sacrifice really achieve when China is going full blast with business as usual with promises to look at a carbon tax in the future, like the local pub with the "Free Beer Tomorrow" sign and just as believable.
An email doing the rounds at the moment is pretty much on point.

Watts paper upsets der Fuehrer

So-called global warming sceptic Professor Muller's  conversion to the global warming church has made news across the world but the demolition of his paper by Anthony Watts has upset many including a dictator with views on many contemporary subjects!