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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Power from the wind god

Maoris in New Zealand are claiming rights over the wind which is a Maori deity and say that it should not be used without Maori consent. Of course this is completely silly as everyone knows Gaia is in charge of the wind and this claim could give rise to a major demarcation dispute between deities with the Sun God already upset over  scientist's denial of his effect on the world's climate.The Global Warming Church has made a statement on the crisis saying "it is much worse than we thought" .

A Maori claim for the use of wind will stretch non-Maori good will to breaking point, ACT leader John Banks says.
Ngapuhi elder David Rankin represents a group of hapu which plans to take a claim to the Waitangi Tribunal.
It wants a pan-tribal body to manage shares in commercial wind-generated electricity, and to hold a casting vote on where wind turbines can be located.
"Ngapuhi's claim defies common sense and will greatly damage relations between Maori and non-Maori New Zealanders," Mr Banks said.
"Its attempt to claim rights over the wind will push many New Zealanders' good will to breaking point."
Mr Rankin says traditionally the wind was regarded as a deity in Maori society, and Maori do not consider the Crown has the right to use it without Maori consent.
Prime Minister John Key has dismissed his comments and says he doesn't believe there's any basis for the claim.
"My view is pretty clear: no one owns water, no one owns wind, no one owns sunlight, no one owns the sea. I could give you quite a long list if you like," he told media.
Mr Rankin says the Maori Council's claim over water rights sets a precedent.

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