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Friday, November 9, 2012

Solar policies slug the poorest in the community

Queensland homes and units without solar power will pay  $240 per year to those who have installed solar panels .
This means that renters and many of our poorest will be called upon to fund this stupid inequitable scheme.
There has been some talk of charging a fixed network charge on a bill to recover some of the costs which may assist as the 44cent per Kwhr rebate will be difficult to change.
HOUSEHOLDS will soon be slugged $240 annually to pay for the power produced by rooftop solar systems.
New modelling has revealed that by 2015-16, almost 15 per cent of the total household power price will fund the solar feed-in tariff.
The Newman Government has already cut the tariff for home-produced power to 8 per kilowatt hour for all solar systems bought after July 9.
However, the new figures exposing the huge burden being carried by all consumers to pay those who produce solar power may prompt the Government to also reduce the 44/kWh tariff paid to those who previously installed photovoltaic systems.

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  1. This exact subject is being covered on Larry Pickering's website right now. It's at http://pickeringpost.com/article/poorest-pay-for-power-policy-failures/815