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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Windmill angst tops CSG concerns.

Green energy enthusiasts find it  hard to understand the opposition to the construction of huge,ugly, noisy bird-killing behemoths across the beautiful Australian landscape given the obvious advantages of "free" power which has to be paid for at a multiple of the normal wholesale cost. Origin Energy says a "consumer backlash" is impeding the rapid roll-out of wind-farms to meet the Government's RET target with opposition greater than that caused by CSG installations.

WIND power has passed coal-seam gas as a source of angst in the community amid warnings the building of wind farms will have to increase more than threefold to meet the government's renewable energy target.
One of the nation's biggest energy companies, EnergyAustralia, has told the Climate Change Authority that the average of 300 megawatts of wind farms installed each year is "already testing the limits of community acceptance", but the new construction rate for large-scale renewable projects would have to increase to about 930MW a year to meet the mandatory 2020 target.
The company warns there is a "high" risk with such a rapid roll-out that if projects are not installed quickly enough, a penalty will be triggered and consumers would be forced to pay for it.
EnergyAustralia chief executive Richard McIndoe said "the social licence" wasn't there to ramp up construction of wind farms so rapidly.
The warning comes as Origin Energy - which is spending billions of dollars on coal-seam gas projects - reveals the community backlash over wind farms is surpassing opposition to coal-seam gas mining.
Origin's executive general manager of corporate affairs, Phil Craig, said yesterday: "We get more letters of complaint today from local communities and interest groups about wind farm development than we do about coal-seam gas. "You've got on the one side, people saying, 'do this, do it bigger, build wind'. Then you've got a whole lot of people complaining about wind . . . There are a whole lot of questions around, can you even do this?"
Origin has told the Climate Change Authority in a new submission that it will be "very difficult" to approve and construct the new renewable generation required under the scheme by 2020.

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