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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gillard government in trouble

Successive opinion polls this week have indicated the Gillard government would be wiped out as we enter 2013 which is an election year, Newspoll and Essential Research both have Labor trailing the Coalition by 8 points 56 to 44 two party preferred. This reverses earlier Labor gains and puts Gillard's leadership under pressure.It is probably in the oppositions interest to keep a damaged Gillard in the PM's seat as she is probably unelectable.

VOTER support for Labor and Julia Gillard has fallen after the final week of parliament, ending the government's recent momentum and allowing Tony Abbott to edge closer as the nation's preferred prime minister.
After recovering and holding voter support in recent weeks, Labor's primary vote has slipped back to its level at the start of the year, and the Prime Minister's lead over the Opposition Leader is now the narrowest since September.
According to the last Newspoll survey for the year, conducted exclusively for The Australian at the weekend, Labor's primary vote fell four percentage points to a six-month low of 32 per cent. The Coalition's primary vote rose three points to 46 per cent - its highest level since the end of August.
The intensely personal nature of the politics of the last week of parliament appeared to damage both leaders. The Coalition used the final sitting week to accuse Ms Gillard of breaching the law in relation to the advice she gave on the incorporation of an association she later described as a union "slush fund", while the government accused Mr Abbott of being negative, running out of puff and being "gutless".
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