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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lewandovski: Banned from the Conversation

It seems that the universities are no longer the bastion of free speech they should be if the Conversation is an example. I have been banned from commenting on this article by the esteemed Stephen Lewandowski who we have all come to love and admire for his sterling research. The comment which got me into trouble was this:

It is symbolic that this green gabfest is being held in California the poster-child of green policies in action , policies that are sending the state bankrupt , one city at a time.
Perhaps the 20,000 visitors will compensate for a short time for the exodus of businesses heading for friendlier states.
I wonder if one of the topics for discussion will be the amount of jet fuel emissions caused by transporting 20,000 passengers to California.

Following being called an "idiot denier" which is obviously OK with the moderator's so-called community standards I attempted to reply to defend myself.

. Idiotic deniers? Reduced to name calling again.I am happy to have some august company in the APS who you can also call idiots if you like.

It is good to see Hansen at the gathering  wanting to jail those who disagree with him . Is the rumor true he wants the next rally to be at  Nuremberg where they have a great historical site and delegates could wear armbands to identify themselves. Deniers could have identifying labels sewn on their shirts.
Lord Monckton would be the first in the tumbrils for his heretical statement that there has been no warming for the last 15 years - he should get life.
I am not surprised that Lewandovski would have written such an article, but I am surprised that the Conversation would publish a diatribe lauding Hansen with his views on incarcerating non-believers.
We will see which disappears - this comment or Lewandovski's article

Well not only did the article stay and my comment not be published but it seems that I am now a non-person and any comments are summarily banned. I am waiting for the knock on the door!
I would be pleased for any readers to log on to the Conversation and join in the debate as I am now 
UPDATE It seems I have been re-instated and a vigorous debate continues .


  1. The Conversation's "editor" governing the article can hardly be considered to be unbiased.
    vis http://blog.swarmconference.com.au/meet-the-speakers-jane-rawson/#.UMKy0BI_X6M

    I always log my comments as I post them to such forums and make sure that people know that they have been logged. If they "disappear", I can then post my comments including the relevant context on my own blog for easy reference in other blogs and e.g. Facebook.

    It is only by exposure that their practices will be rectified.

  2. Doesn't matter who the editor is. The first clue is an EDU tag. On a blog with an EDU tag the last thing the operative wants is a conversation - doubly so if the word "conversation" appears somewhere in the title.

    That's a given. Also applies to annual sciency conventions, and UN sponsored vacation retreats for activists in exotic "warm" locals.