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Monday, February 4, 2013

Count-down to end of carbon tax

Two opinion polls released today have the Gillard government facing decimation at the forthcoming election due in September this year. As the opposition has campaigned heavily on removal of the carbon tax it will be removed soon after.
The Newspoll has the Coalition with a whopping 56 to 44 lead and the Galaxy poll showing a similar 54 to 46 poll result.

The latest Newspoll survey, which was slightly affected by the number of voters in flood and bushfire-affected areas, is a complete reversal of fortune for the ALP from the summer-holiday affected January poll, and a much-needed personal boost for the Opposition Leader.
The poll puts Labor's primary support at 32 per cent - a wipeout of the six-point gain recorded between December and January - as the Coalition's support rose four percentage points to 48 per cent in the past three weeks.
With the Greens steady on 9 per cent and "others" going from 9 per cent to 11 per cent since the poll in January, the two-party-preferred figure has the Coalition back with a huge election-winning lead of 56 per cent to 44 per cent.
A Galaxy poll published in News Limited newspapers today puts Labor's support at 35 per cent and the Coalition's at 48 per cent. That gives a two-party-preferred lead for the Coalition of 54 per cent to 46 per cent.
Meanwhile a smiling Kevin Rudd is waiting in the wings.

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  1. Good read and very well analysed post. Although I am not very sure how justified the results of the two polls were. How different the current scenario is to the 2013 politics of the country?