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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Un-Scientific American true to form

The Scientific American has abandoned any pretense to science and  published an article which can only be described as global warming propaganda about Alaska. Alarmist bed-wetters made Alaska the poster child of alarmism when in the early 2000's it warmed significantly but Alaska has now returned to it's normal freezing condition.

Speaking at a Brookings Institution panel on Arctic Indigenous Peoples, Displacement and Climate Change yesterday in Washington, D.C., Bronen presented a paper on the challenges Alaskan indigenous communities face as they try to move to higher, drier ground. Many of these efforts have been stalled because there is little government support, on both the state and federal level, for the difficult and expensive task of relocating an entire town.
Three communities "have been desperately trying to relocate for decades," she said. "I'm just stunned by how challenging the relocation effort is."
As prior to the last 10 years there was no appreciable nett warming in Alaska it would seem that these communities have been wanting  to move for different reasons which may be valid but certainly not due to global warming. The real story is shown by the graph below conveniently not illustrated in the SA article.

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