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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Climate Change Clean-out is Coming!

There is little doubt that a new Coalition government  in September will be disinclined to commit more than a token amount towards the climate scam and given the requirements for budget cutting the Climate Change bureaucracy should be quaking in their boots. Campbell Newman in Queensland has given a foretaste of the future by ruthlessly closing down the Queensland Office of Climate Change.
The Financial Review estimates that 20 billion dollars of cuts are likely with a new federal government.

The Coalition plans $20 billion in budget savings from cuts to the climate change bureaucracy and industry carbon assistance under a plan that would try to deliver big cuts in greenhouse gases at a minimal cost to business.
Outlining for the first time details of the opposition’s climate change policy, environment spokesman Greg Hunt said the Coalition would keep the Clean Energy Regulator, which Liberal leader Tony Abbott once dubbed the “carbon cop”.
The decision to retain the regulator, which now reports to Climate Change Minister Greg Combet and administers the carbon price, may help the Coalition deflect Labor claims that its direct action plan will not do much to reduce carbon emissions.
The Carbon Farming Initiative, which allows farmers to earn carbon credits by planting trees and reducing land clearing, would be expanded to enable new forms of abatement to be verified by theClean Energy Regulator.
The $20 billion in savings over four years would come from merging the departments of Environment and Climate Change, abolishing carbon assistance to companies, and closing down three climate change agencies: the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, which funds “green” technology; the Climate Change Authority, an independent government adviser; and the Climate Commission, which promotes the science of climate change.
The really sad thing is so many young people have gone to university in good faith to study climate change and related fields and who will have no useful qualification in life as the scam unfolds.

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