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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More Flannery Foolishness

Tim Flannery
Tim Flannery's past predictions about Australia's climate have been a source of great mirth for skeptics and it is amazing that he was appointed to the plum Climate Commissioner's job after making such a goose of himself. However , given the current incompetent government's record I guess it is not so surprising
Flannery has now fallen for the Chinese two card trick of "watch the windmill over here while we build two coal fired stations over there". Poor old Tim is still watching the windmill !
The Chinese are very clever and manipulating and Tim is really no match and he has swallowed their story hook line and sinker as shown in his recent address.
 China was building a coal fire power plant every week or two. That's now stopped. What we're now seeing is a coal cap in place, so China has capped the amount of coal that they're going to be burning, pretty close to current levels and instead are expanding renewables very quickly. And if you look at just the year 2011-2012, which is the last year we've got data for, the amount of wind and solar capacity put into China equalled about a third of Australia's total electricity generation, so they really are taking a leadership position.
Tim really doesn't understand that actual wind and solar generation is very much less than nameplate capacity and their wind and solar is a negligible percentage of total generation.
The Chinese say they are going to implement an emissions trading scheme sometime in the future and some "trial" schemes are to be set up soon. Tim, when he stops watching the windmill will be directed to look at these as  proof that the Chinese are cooperating with the foolish Western governments on Global Warming. Anyone who thinks that the pragmatic Chinese are going to introduce a real economy damaging emission trading system after the EU carbon market has disintegrated has rocks in their head.
 The real story is shown in the actual Chinese electricity production .

The contribution of wind and solar is a minute percentage of total generation and will remain so for the foreseeable future as the Chinese economic juggernaut gathers more steam.

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