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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Global warming will be hell

Florence - Duomo .The Last Judgement. Inside the cupola: 3600 m2 of frescoes, created by Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari, who worked there from 1572 to 1579. Stock Photo - 14201075
The future according to the Huffington Post
The Huffington Post ramps up the global warming propaganda with this piece. Usually the warmists cloak their socialism under the pseudoscience of global warming but this article is purely a rant on income inequality . It also manages to combine the ubiquitous global warming canary with the global warming prime number 97 in the one article. The 97% has assumed mystical properties to warmists and must be quoted in any text- the canary is optional. It postulates the ridiculous theory that global warming causes inequality because tropical countries are mostly poor. "equatorial countries (which are like the canaries in the global warming mine) have puny per-capita incomes, as compared to the moderate-climate countries."
It does not mention that tiny Singapore which has no resources to speak of and a stable, very capitalist government is one of the wealthiest nations and is dead-bang in the middle of the tropics. It does not mention that  having rag-tag gangs with AK47's roaming the streets is not conducive to economic development.
A World Bank researcher has found what may be the most ominous evidence yet of the impact that global warming will have. (Since 97% of climatologists say that it is happening, the operative phrase here is "will have," not "would have": global warming is happening, and will almost certainly keep getting worse, for reasons that scientists have documented extensively.) This evidence indicates that global poverty will soar as a direct result of global warming.

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