"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Friday, July 12, 2013

Wind power billions at work in UK !

What does a multi-billion dollar investment in wind power get you? Currently 8.5 Gigawatts of installed capacity in the UK is producing at this moment , a paltry .6 Gigawatt of "free power" or 2% of demand. Of course base-load coal and nuclear is producing most of the remaining 98%. The actual wind power may be a little higher as some of the farms are not metered on the national grid but these results are still a staggering indictment of a government's failure to apply basic economics to green power. Of course I will be accused of cherry-picking a particular time of day so let us examine the whole day:

Or maybe the last week:

Warmist Joe Romm  eulogises wind power and equates nameplate capacity to the number of homes to be supplied ignoring the reality of miserable load factors ,poor availability and non-performance in critically cold conditions.

A total of €2.8bn has been invested in wind farms, a staggering sum by any standards. In 2011 alone the investment figure was €372m. A further €4bn is expected over the next eight years to meet domestic targets alone.
Wind is now no longer a niche product across Europe where wind capacity 23 times the national demand of Ireland has been installed. Last year wind energy accounted for more than 15pc of our electricity demand. Wind energy also has the capability to supply 1.3 million homes in Ireland.

In the UK, wind power has topped 5 gigawatts per day and is sufficient to power 10% of total electricity demand.

It is amazing that in the UK where tourism is such an important industry that they are still allowing construction of ugly turbines across the pristine country-side that tourists love. Even the Guardian is now question the defacing of the English countryside.
 The British countryside is facing little short of visual disaster. "Plans" to increase the present 2,000 onshore wind turbines to treble that number were blown apart when farmers realised they could get an average £40,000 a year in grants and tariffs per turbine, plus "compensation" even when the wind did not blow. Some landowners have realised £40m-£60m from just letting their land be used. This has become a far greater racket even than the Common Market subsidies of 30 years ago – and entirely the creation of the British Treasury.
The landscape effect is hard to imagine. An inquiry opened this week in Welshpool into 800 turbines, many the height of the London Eye, covering 600 square miles of the Welsh hills in Powys. This lovely country was denied protected status by pressure from the same landowners who will now make millions from the turbines. The footprint would render most of the Cambrian uplands a linear industrial park, with associated quarries, roads and infrastructure.
Equally staggering is an application this month for 240 giant turbines to form a visual wall in the middle of the Bristol Channel between Exmoor and the Gower peninsular. No other civilised nation would allow such desecration of its loveliest estuary. None of these schemes generate as much reliable energy as a single power station.

Although more questions are now being asked this government-funded eco-lunacy is still continuing all over the world  and in the US the Nitwit-in-Chief Obama has announced he will ramp up economy-destroying green power policies bypassing the congress.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Orwellian Climate Science

Real Science exposes how the Winston Smiths of climate science are continually re-arranging the past to conform to the present failed theories of the global warming intelligentsia. The only common factor in the "corrections" is that they all exacerbate global warming trends.

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”
― George Orwell, 1984
WMO just published this graph, which completely erased the cooling from 1940 to 1970.
ScreenHunter_145 Jul. 09 12.48
In 1975, the National Academy of Sciences showed more than half a degree cooling in the Northern Hemisphere from 1940 to 1970, and that 1970 was no warmer than 1900.
ScreenHunter_148 Jul. 09 12.53
NCAR showed exactly the same thing in 1975.
ScreenHunter_146 Jul. 09 12.51
The graph below overlays the 1975 National Academy of Sciences Northern Hemisphere graph on the current WMO Global graph, and shows how the UN has created a 100% political data set, which has no basis in the actual temperatures which were recorded.

The Northern Hemisphere data is not going to exactly match the global data, but both are driven by ENSO which means that it is not credible that the two hemispheres could be moving in opposite directions..

ScreenHunter_150 Jul. 09 13.04

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wind turbine health impacts known since 1987

More ammunition has arrived for those fighting the march across our landscape of ugly,bird-destroying, subsidy gobbling wind turbines which generate "free power" at huge taxpayer's expense.
A report in 1987 for the US Department of Energy found people reacted to low frequency noise and became "more sensitive over time". 
American researchers used mock homes, big speakers and seven volunteers to simulate and measure the impact of low-frequency noise produced by early model, two-blade wind turbines under controlled conditions.
A November 1987 report prepared for the US Department of Energy said the impact of low-frequency noise generated by wind turbines was often "confined to within surrounding homes" and that residents became more sensitive to the impact over time.
The laboratory experiments found that "people do indeed react to a low-frequency noise environment".
The study, A Proposed Metric for Assessing the Potential of Community Annoyance from Wind Turbine Low-Frequency Noise Emissions, was prepared in response to earlier research into "acoustic disturbances" associated with the operation of a wind turbine near Boone, North Carolina.
It found that the standard A-weighted measure for sound was "not an adequate indicator of annoyance when low frequencies are dominant".
The research was sent by an American acoustics expert to Australian wind health campaigners and has now been published internationally.
The US report built on earlier research by two NASA facilities and several universities. It was presented to the Windpower 87 Conference & Exposition in San Francisco by physicist ND Kelley from the Solar Energy Research Institute in Golden, Colorado.
The wind industry claims that the old research is not relevant to the newer turbines however this is disputed by the anti-wind lobby.
"The (US) research is highly relevant, even though the acoustic emissions themselves are different between old downwind turbines and upwind ones, where the turbines turn around to face into the wind," Waubra Foundation chief executive Sarah Laurie said.
"What is important is the impact on the people from the sound energy emitted from the respective wind turbines, how it is experienced by them inside their homes and the acknowledgement that the symptoms are real, and that the symptoms may be perceived but not heard," Dr Laurie said.
Health campaigners said the results of the laboratory simulations in the US study proved there was a direct cause-and-effect relation between the low-frequency noise and "annoyance".
The National Health and Medical Research Council has said there was no published evidence linking wind turbines to health impacts. The NHMRC is conducting a review of its advice but its updated report on the issue is now overdue. The South Australian Environmental Protection Agency has recently completed a major sound monitoring program at Waterloo where there have been significant complaints from residents, but the results are not yet available.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Incompetency and Hypocrisy

Following the disaster of the Benghazi massacre you would think that the State Department would lift their game but we now have reports of Secretary of State swanning on his yacht while Egypt burns. After the initial mandatory State Dept lie it has been confirmed that he was "briefly" on the yacht.
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Forget about the catastrophe in Egypt. Poor  John Kerry was tired and needed a rest after touring the world telling people to reduce their carbon footprint and trying to keep the poor of the world from having reliable and cheap energy. He has been so busy with this message that he hardly has time to visit his Edwardian furnished 7 million dollar yacht , or his other family properties including a multi-level Boston townhouse in the affluent Beacon Hill neighborhood, as well as homes in Fox Chapel, Penn., Ketchum, Idaho, and on Nantucket Island.  
I wonder when the going gets really tough if Kerry will have the cojones of his predecessor and take a bullet to cover for his fellow incompetent boss Obama. I somehow doubt it.