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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Australia and UK say no !

The UK has joined Australia in resisting calls for so-called "climate compensation" involving the transfer of billions of dollars from wealthier nations for "loss and damage". Also it seems that the 100 billion a year wanted for "climate change adaption" will not receive an Australian contribution at this time. There will be less and less support for the global climate agenda as more nations side with the Australian defection in the future.
Acting on Tony Abbott's edict to avoid any new financial commitments, Australian negotiators have held out against calls to support the "loss and damage" payments sought by poorer countries.
Britain added weight to the Australian position yesterday when Energy Secretary Ed Davey rebuffed demands for payments.
"We don't accept the argument on compensation," Mr Davey said.
"We never have, and we are not intending to start now."
 Mr Abbott's repeal of the carbon tax, begun in parliament this week, has fuelled criticism of Australia at the UN summit along with Japan, Canada and Norway. 

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