"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Friday, December 20, 2013


The penny is finally dropping that the Global Warming movement is now a radical left-wing grouping advocating political upheaval which has very little to do with the planet warming.  Warmist  David Hone from Shell UK found that out when he attended a recent academic conference in the UK which had more nuts than Grannie's Xmas cake.
IT must be a tipping point in the climate debate when a senior Shell executive notices something odd about the green activists with whom he has been consorting.
David Hone, Shell UK's Melbourne-born "senior climate change adviser", went to an academic conference on "radical emission reduction strategies" in London on December 10-11.
He concluded that he had fallen among eco-idiots wanting to remould society from the ground up.
Hone, also a director of the Emissions Trading Association, has a background in oil- and shipping-trade markets. One explanation for his blog outburst could be that he was still in shock from the collapse of carbon pricing and trading schemes at the Warsaw IPCC conference. Hone wrote: "This was a room of catastrophists (as in 'catastrophic global warming'), with the prevailing view, at least to my ears, that the issue could only be addressed by the complete transformation of the global energy and political systems, with the latter moving to one of state control and regulated consumerism. There would be no room for 'ruthless individualism' in such a world. The posters that dotted the lecture theatre lobby area covered topics as diverse as vegan diets to an eventual return to low technology hunter-gatherer societies. Much to my surprise I was not really at an emission reduction conference (despite the label saying I was), but a political ideology conference."
The conference, sadly, was no less unhinged than the UK government's legally mandated goal to cut CO2 emissions by at least 80 per cent below 1990 levels by 2050. Stand by, hardy Britons, for brown and black-outs. Australian national targets are 5 per cent emission cuts by 2020, compared with 2000 levels.
UK climate blogger Andrew Montford noted: "Hone's sudden realisation that many of his fellow-travellers in the environmental movement are completely round the twist is rather comical and you can't help but wonder where he has been in the last 20 years."
At this loopy conference, Australia's ideas on climate catastrophism were well represented. One weblink paper was from Laurence Delina and Dr Mark Diesendorf, of the Institute of Environmental Studies, University of NSW. The title? "Is wartime mobilisation a suitable policy model for rapid national climate mitigation?" No wonder Shell's Hone felt trapped in a madhouse!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

And it is not officially winter yet.

A jogger runs on a snowy sidewalk in Evanston, Ill. on Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013. Snow continued to fall over the Chicago area into northwest Indiana. Photo: Nam Y. Huh, AP / AP
Hardy Illinois Jogger
In the US there is  a harbinger of another freezing winter  with icy weather widespread at the end of   fall.
While the official start to winter is still days away, Dec. 21, 2013, the cold, icy and snowy weather across most of the United States would indicate otherwise.
A series of storms this fall blanketed parts of the Northeast and Midwest in snow, ice-covered areas and knocked out power to thousands from Texas to Kentucky and bitter cold froze parts of the northern Plains.
Snow totals in some areas have already surpassed last season's totals. Philadelphia has already received 10.8 inches of snow this fall, 8.6 inches of that snow from last weekend's snowstorm. This means the city has received 2.5 inches of additional snow so far this season compared to all of last winter.
Of course the twits from the AGW twittery will claim that this is just another manifestation of global warming 
Meanwhile in Connecticut it is too cold to salt the roads as even the brine will freeze. A huge snow and ice storm is heading for the North East of the US and could bring 8 inches of snow to New York. 
Across the Atlantic Israel is suffering from the worst snowstorm in five decades and Cairo has had it's first snow in 112 years. 
Jerusalem highway

With global temperatures in decline for the past few years, Arctic ice recovery  and these horrendous NH winters , a perfect storm is now battering global warming alarmism.