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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Abbott gets Palmer gift on Climate plan.

Clive Palmer ,the erratic billionaire dabbling in politics has indicated his party will block the Government 's Direct Action Plan in the Senate which will greatly please Tony Abbott , a closet skeptic.. The Direct Action Plan is a mish-mash climate policy put together by a party which really wants to do nothing but needed a "climate"policy for the last election. Palmer will probably also block the ridiculously generous parental leave plan promised which will also please the majority of government members. The Coalition could get rid of both without the opprobrium of broken election policy commitments thanks to Palmer.
CLIVE Palmer has warned he will scupper the government’s ­direct action climate change plan in the Senate, saying the money would be better spent on pensioners.
The government is about to release a white paper detailing how it would implement the plan, which would offer subsidies to carbon-intensive companies to reduce their emissions.
The Coalition said it would cost $3.2 billion by 2018.
Mr Palmer, the leader of the Palmer United Party, said the scheme was a waste of money. “Direct action is a token gesture to addressing carbon issues — it is not a game-changer one bit,” he said yesterday.
“The money that is budgeted for direct action should be allocated for more important things like pensions. Supporting aged pensions is more important than implementing token campaigns.”

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