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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Climate "Experts " now say UHI is 4 to 7 Degrees Celsius

After years of claiming UHI is minimal and doesn't really affect the global temperature record these climate morons peddling heatwave scares now claim that the really scary thing is the urban heating of 4 to 7 degrees C above ambient which is going to kill people. These dills also claim that Perth people are much tougher than Sydney  with excess mortality kicking in at 44  C compared to 36 C for Sydney.
Of course anyone with an IQ in double figures knows that cold  kills many more people than heat and any rise in temperatures will actually lower total temperature-related deaths. In the US a study attributes 8 to 15%   increased longevity to people moving to warmer states.

Of course the ABC goes bananas over this report
By 2050, an extreme heat event in Melbourne could kill more than 1,000 people in a few days unless there is better preparation, according to a Federal Government report looking at extreme heat events.
Scientists say cities can exacerbate extreme heat by four to seven degrees Celsius, especially overnight, triggering unnecessary deaths.
In some small urban spaces or microclimates, temperatures can jump more dramatically, says Professor Nigel Tapper, an urban climate specialist from Monash University.
"If we're in an urban canyon where the forecast air temperature is 35 degrees and the sun is beating down onto hard, dark surfaces, then surface temperatures might be up to 70 degrees," he said.
"That means the temperature you feel walking around is more like 45 or 50 degrees."

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